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Tired and cute.


Why is it creepy and horrible for a /visible/ stranger to point a camera at you, when it’s perfectly okay with you for video surveillance cameras all around to be recording you for the view of /invisible/ strangers. That is the question.

Tired and cute.

It’s a fact: two-thirds of registered Republicans believe in demonic possession.

College Head-Injury-Ball– I mean, Headbrick.

Answering the musical question, “Why hasn’t George W. Bush Campaigned for Romney?”

What does it say?

NRA claims Hurricane Sandy was an Obama plot to take your guns.

Just asking.

Entertaining and funny vertical timeline of some of Big Sugar’s big brass propaganda milestones.

Why did Chavez win again? Oh, that’s right, certified free and fair elections.

Atomic Halloween campfire stories.

And they make great desktop images.

Results of another many-year large-sample study are in: gay couples are measurably better –the exact word is /awesome/– parents.

Over and over, just the parts of the ads before they show you the product they’re selling to stop these catastrophes happening over and over.


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