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Top YouTube comment: “A mating song like this will get you laid in no time.” The guitar is pretty far down in the mix.

500 pretty good reasons to vote for Obama and not Romney.

Oil-industry-soaked media fail to report great gains in solar and wind electricity generation.

Another from the large bucket of things Faux News will either never tell you about or only tell you the part of it they can spin to make it sound like you’re an idiot if you care about this.

Mister Burns Endorses Romney.

Monopoly Is Theft.

La Dancing Pig.

From Antonius Nazareth’s /Doctor Who Musical/.

Tops. By Charles and Ray Eames.

“i’m ok — poison fake. rofl. cul8r.”

The Skinhead Hamlet.

Kurt Vonnegut on censorship, kindness, and other matters.

Never bring a whatever-those-things-are to a gunfight.

Two-frame jitter animations of fancy Japanese hoors, made from 120-year-old stereopticon images.

Japanese ghosts in art.

Surprise: what people who believe in things believe their sort has always believed changes over time.

Surprise: your brain can be emotional and logical, but not both at the same time.


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