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It’s time.


Here’s how quickly and smoothly it went: I emailed Robert Young of KNYO and said I was ready to start my show up again after being off the air for a year. He emailed back that I should come to the KNYO office and see the equipment I’d be using and figure out what times are available. I showed up. We talked for about ten minutes. I went home and thought about it. And my show will be on Friday nights from 9pm to whenever I run out of material or get tired or both. Starting this Friday.

So I’ll be taking off work tomorrow (Thursday) to go around to my advertisers on my old show and in my old newspaper and get some support for the KNYO. And I’ve been putting together my first new Memo of the Air show, and messing with my tools, and fixing up my portable computer, and screwing together a scrap wood reading easel to stand above the mixing board, and just feeling so good about all this. I don’t know why I waited so long. I could’ve done it anytime.

KNYO is a low power station that only reaches Fort Bragg, CA and a few miles north and south of town over the air, but so what? The whole planet is just a speck. You have to do what you have to do anyway, and maybe this will lead to  something else too. And KNYO streams on the web. See above.

Generally I don’t have moods, but I’m fricking thrilled, here.

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