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Fish heads.


    Memo of the Air, every Friday night, 9pm Pacific to very late, 107.7 fm KNYO-LP Fort Bragg and, on the web,  For downloadable recorded Memo shows and other Memo-rabilia, see above.


Answers the musical question: /It’s the future already; where’s my flying skateboard?/ And it’s disappointing, of course, requiring liquid nitrogen and a track of magnets, resulting in “flying” about fifteen feet at an altitude of a quarter-inch, but these French kids seem happy.

Got yer nose.

Architect Ai Weiwei speaks about internet freedom and China. From /Firefly/ I know that Ai Wei Wei means /wow hey hey/.  I don’t know what his real name is.

Marching with missiles.

Cropped properly these make nice desktop and/or screensaver slideshow images.

I Have Your Heart.


And soon they’ll be uncrippling people. /Yeah! Science, bitch!/ (punch the air)

“A fair wind and following seas to you, young man.” Like the Solar System, it’s a clock.

O’Reilly’s nightmare.

Revolving door.

Soldier. The whole film.

Meanwhile, in the real world.

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