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The one true faith.


Uploading my Friday, 2012-11-23 show now, so you’ll find it with the other Memo of the Air KNYO shows for download at

Very near the end of the show, at about 2:30am, when I had finished reading stories and had put on an episode of Boston Blackie, something went wrong with the audio stream’s reception at the transmitter site, so radio listeners heard dead air. But the web-available stream out continued to work perfectly. (The recording is complete, start to finish.)  Russ called me on the phone to tell me that the same thing has happened on occasion during his daytime show. New cables and new equipment are being installed this week so this particular problem shouldn’t happen anymore.


Beautiful airplane lines.

The one true faith.

The horror.

Piano juggler, part two.

The player harmonica. This has got to be the third or fourth most wonderful patented thing in the world.
And only $2.50.

Eva’s Polka. (The /Loituma Girl/ song.) Good sound quality.

Automatic book scanner. There’s still a long way to go before we get the future whole-college-library-in-an-afternoon turbo-shredder/scanner in /Rainbow’s End/ (by Vernor Vinge)…

…About that:

Translation: “Working conditions at this crappy teevee station are intolerable, management is a pack of arrogant abusive idiots, and we quit. Thanks. Bye.”

Wednesday Addams’ summer camp Thanksgiving play.

Carmen on shop tools.

Excellent robot-dance boys.

“Humans are weird. Sir.”



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