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Last night’s show.


I’m uploading last night’s Memo of the Air show to MediaFire now. So you can get it, or any of the others, at

At the beginning of the second hour of the show there’s a problem that you hear about in the recording but don’t actually hear. I record my show at the board, going into the computer that streams it to the transmitter. The computer apparently gets confused sometimes and switches away from the live local show to a distant show in the automation queue, and that’s what happened here. I was reading a story and glanced over at the screen and saw that I had been replaced in the active field (spectrum meter) with something else. I said, “Excuse me. I’m gonna put some music on and go check on something,” and went out to try the radio in my car. Yup, some other show was playing on 107.7.  I went back inside and reset the software. Checked again. All good now.

So people listening on the radio heard a deal of confusion, and in the recording you will hear me apologizing for a problem you don’t hear. Oh, well. It ain’t the end of the world.

It’s a pretty good show. I found a great Brad Watson book that had gone missing —Aliens In The Prime Of Their Lives— and I read the story Mister Lonelee.

And the Boston Blackie episode is especially good. Don’t forget to save waste kitchen fat for the war effort. When you throw away fat you’re cooking for Hitler.


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