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Mister Vaccine.

     I got some things from the thrift store to make life more comfortable at KNYO at night in winter–  an electric tea kettle and a parabolic heat projector.  This reminds me of an old New Yorker cartoon where a monk is shuffling down a dim monastery corridor and the little devil on his shoulder is whispering into his ear, “Undreamed-of luxuries…  Weather stripping to stop the draft… A stick of chewing gum…”
     Oh, also, Juanita’s mother tells me that she turned her far-flung family on to my show and so I am huge in Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. Capital, Frankfort. Largest city, Louisville, home of John Colgan, who in 1873 invented store-bought chewing gum in the first place.  So it’s all going like clockwork–
    –except for the layout of the first few links in the following list. It doesn’t seem to matter how I format them, they come out all pushed together in the preview, and the tabs and leading are erratic. The heck with them. Let them be laid out erratically, as long as they work when you click on them.
    Cats that look like pinup girls.
    Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah

The war on Xmas.

    Ow. Hurts. Stop it.

X-rays of sharp things inside people. Mostly in their head.

All landings at San Diego Int Airport on Black Friday Nov 23, 2012 between 10:30am and 3pm. At once.

New British umbrella styles for the 1950s.

It’s the 1950s and the Meyers have bought a house in Levittown. To some it is not a big deal. To others, of course, it is the end of the world.

Clockalypse. Counting down till the next end of the world.

Some other ends of the world.

And Dave Brubeck is dead.

The Hollow Mars theory illustrated.

Children’s rooms.

My favorite of the broken English YouTube comments on this Bjork music video: “it I cannot understand, an art!” Exactly.

My favorite Bjork music video ever. It’s about love and robots. It I can understand, an art.

Video jigsaw puzzle of amateur bands playing /Black Dog/ by Led Zeppelin.


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