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Coming and going at the same time.


Okay, I’ve uploaded the recording of last night’s Memo of the Air show. Get it here, where the others are also available.

KNYO’s broadcast booth is the whole storefront in front of the Masonic Hall, and it was in the Masonic Hall where KNYO had its first-Friday-of-the-month movie night event, so the general area was busy, and while I was doing my show people were coming in and out of the station to get things and put things away. At one point, after the movie thing was over, a woman going through into the storage area to get her hung-up costume parts comically tripped over and bobbled my mic boom in such a way that the microphone swung around and startled me into grabbing it. (That’ll be the loudest thing on the recording.) That was where I decided to just go lock the doors.

I read a lot of stories on the theme of the future, played some timely Hannukah material near an article by Noam Chomsky about what the U.S. media won’t tell you about Israel. No Christmas things till it gets much closer to Christmas; the other radio stations already all sound like what Stan Freberg was making fun of in that department.

Some email I got when I got home and checked: “Sorry to report two several-minute dropouts during your show.”  “Where is Marco? I’m hearing someone else’s voice.” (That was probably referring to a rather longer one of Rich Alcott’s projects that I played.)  “Thanx for the unbearable electronic toothache music. There will be a tomorrow. Good show! G’night.”

Electronic toothache music? Brush Your Teeth, by Kompressor? Probably.

I remember playing Caswell-Carnahan records on KMFB in the early 1980s. Juanita is an old friend of Celtic musician Chris Caswell, who played with the greats such as Robin Williamson (The Incredible String Band) and Danny Carnahan. Juanita forwarded the following both sad and hopeful note written by Danny Carnahan. It is partially event publicity that needs exposure but it seems to have gone out mainly to close friends, so I removed the private contact email addresses. Here:


Hello family and friends,

I hope all your holidays are happy, healthy, and festive this year. Saundra and Teddy and I certainly are enjoying the season and looking forward to all the lights and trees and menorahs and presents and cookies and family gatherings that the near future promises.

But I need to write you all today with a bit of sad news. Chris Caswell, my friend of many years and Caswell Carnahan partner back in our youth, has aggressive and unforgiving abdominal cancer. Being more optimistic than his doctors, he is expecting to be with us for more than a few months, but he is increasingly ill and is working hard to finish building a few harps and to tie up his karmic loose ends. The musical community has risen up amazingly on Chris’s behalf, learning of his situation and the dire financial straits in which this lands him and his family. He is getting daily support with meals and dog-walking and other mundanities and some money has come in, though a great deal more is needed.

So we’ve all banded together and booked two benefit evenings for Chris, one at the Dickens Fair in the Cow Palace, Saturday, December 22nd, and one at the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley on Monday, February 4th. All comers are welcome and all proceeds will go directly to Chris and family. Dozens of performers, many of whom have shared the stage with Chris over the years, will be featured at both events (Chris, too, if he can) and more events are likely to be scheduled to accommodate the many who weren’t able to take part in these first two.

Many of you remember Chris from our Celtic romp together 30 years ago. Many know him from his teaching and performing and harp building and mentoring through the years.  Chris occupies a singular place in my musical life and I will be forever in his debt.  So I am happy to help coordinate the Freight show and get the word out to the wider world.

If you’d like to learn more about the Freight show, you will shortly be able to visit the Freight website and get information on who will be performing (me, certainly, and a whole slew of my talented friends) and buy tickets.

The Dickens Fair show will be an evening concert after the Fair ends on Saturday (December 22nd).

And if you have any extra charitable change jingling in your pockets this season, you can always pop on over to PayPal and give whatever you’d like directly to Chris by addressing a gift to:

Chris’s family will get 100% of all PayPal gifts.

Chris has brightened many of our lives. His illness just further proves that life ain’t fair. So please join me in hugging our loved ones and counting our blessings. And may the rest of your holiday news be happy. We send all our love to you!

(signed) Danny and Saundra and Teddy


And here are some links to things you might get a kick out of:

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“And this is how we can be coming and going at the same time.”

Man illustrates the process of making an iron knife out of rocks.

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The vast extent of it (magnified, lower right).

Benford’s Law explained.


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