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The ethics of robot sex.


Hmm, last night’s show… Alex Bosworth back from the dead (really; I thought he died two years ago and just found out he didn’t), the ethics of robot sex, the usual financial and religious shenanigans, war, doom, plucky violated teenage girl standing up for her rights, etcetera. I switched recording computers at the station –put in a much better one that was donated to KNYO by a wonderful couple from New Zealand (the New Zealand, famous for the fifty-toothbrush fence and Lord of the Rings and many other remarkable things)– and the results are confusing in that after the show when I checked the recording I found it’s just as computer-noisy as the old computer made it. And in five places, obvious from the grand view of the waveform, shrieking white noise clicks on and then a moment later clicks off. (You’ll hear these places on the download as skips; I edited out the shrieking.) Clearly I should use a distribution amplifier and record directly from the mixing board and not from the sound card output of the computer that’s used to stream audio to the transmitter, although on the other hand it’s probably wise to record what the radio audience hears, for an aircheck. So the decision becomes: do airpersons want airchecks or do they want archive copies?

In other news, I contacted MediaFire to ask why non-logged-in visitors (that would be you) see downloadable files listed as having been downloaded zero times when logged-in persons (that would be I) see a much higher number than zero, sometimes approaching the low tens, say. Chris of MediaFire said that it’s a feature, not a bug, and it’s there because users told MediaFire that they did not want downloaders to know how many others got a file. And that’s okay. They provide a great service for free; I’m certainly not complaining.


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