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Between ends of the world again.


Here’s last night’s Memo of the Air show. I brought way too much material to read it all, but talked fast and stayed late and managed to get through a fair chunk of it and also read Robert Silverberg’s story When We Went To See The End of the World. Out the window spectacular lightning was blasting in over the sea nearly the entire time. I love lightning, and the bigger the better.

Bob Young and Sean Keppeler did a great deal of work this week to upgrade the network connection up the hill to the KNYO transmitter site, but the problem of the audio stream there randomly coming unhooked has not quite been solved– it happened once during the show and needed resetting from the studio end. But –and here picture me slapping my forehead and saying, Marco, dammit! –I checked on it several times by switching the monitor to the radio signal (always when music was playing and I could get away from the microphone), and the resulting time-delayed mess appeared on the recording (which taps the monitor amp). Just now I repaired the recording for you by pasting the original songs over the scrambled ones.

Speaking of which, there’s some interesting seasonal-ish music, including Bob Gibson’s Box of Candy and a Piece of Fruit, Tom Waits’ Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis, Pearl Bailey’s Five Pound Box of Money and Hugh Blumenfeld’s Long-Haired Radical Socialist Jew. (That would be Jesus.)  And you’ll hear B. Thomas (Thomas Spearance) playing Amazing Grace and Ode to Joy on his musical saw.

How to get credit for good ideas.  http://

The best astronomy images of 2012.  http://

How to speak and write in Venusian, Plutonian, and Kreugerian, the language of the planet Kreuger (Sirius-B).  http://

You go, German curbside didgeridoo guy!  http://

Wonderful instruments made of bits of landfill trash, and the wonderful landfill-slum children who make and play them.  http://

B. Thomas (Thomas Spearance), who used to have a radio show on KMFB and before that was the 2003 international musical saw champion, plays Amazing Grace and Ode To Joy.  http://

“Settled on a major yet?”

The world’s oldest educational film: /The Limits of Science/.

…and what immediately followed.

I know it’s after the end of the world, but here is some good advice for the next time.  I mean, it’s always the end of the world tomorrow or the end of the world yesterday but it’s never the end of the world today.


Make Me Psychic.


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  1. Michelle permalink

    Since you had December season music and a guy playing a saw but not exactly December music… here is ‘Silent Night’ played on a saw in the NYC subway:

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