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Mad skills.


Here’s last night’s show, ready to download.

It took me awhile to get really rolling, it felt like. Possibly because even with the heater on it was an icicle in the office. You can hear my teeth chattering. And I made the –now I see– poor decision to read a rather long article about fake art and fake artistry that I should have just summarized. Later on I read a story from the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. (Goddess by, I think, Albert E. Cowdrey). F&SF is a great magazine full of wonderful stories and it’s way worth the subscription price; they only put out six issues a year anymore but they’re fat ones, double-thick.  Here.

Bob Young’s electronical efforts seem to have finally paid off: the stream to the transmitter site stayed connected the whole show. Yay about that.

I’m hoping to put in the new microphones and their shock supports this week, and tomorrow I’ll order the limiter we need for between the mixing board and the streaming computer. I had thought to use my homemade one, but it turns out to not be good enough, and a new one is so cheap. Suspiciously cheap. I don’t want to be contributing to worker suicides in some dystopian factory city hellhole in China. But we need the part. Tch… Oh, look, a butterfly.


Visual helical model of the solar system. (Not to scale.)

Planet Patrol.

A dot for every person in the continental U.S.

Good girl.

Q: Why is a mouse when it spins? A: The higher the fewer.

White boy drops sick beat. See how the girls behind him react to his mad skills.

And again. And again with the girls behind him hanging on his every brzipp and kchort. There’s a lesson here.

Beatbox battle world championship sampler.

Extreme amazing super chess.


If we policed the U.S. the way we do Afghanistan.


World fast hands record. Wow.

They’ll be fine.

They also will be fine.

Here’s a part from the middle of a movie about different people’s subway stories. Where the drunken rapping boy says, “I got /skeelz/,” it stuck in my mind. /Mad skeelz/.

“Thank God, no more of those terrible Russian winters.”

Hecklers getting dealt with by masters. And, man, is it satisfying. Yes. (I mean, yes, it is really satisfying.)

And 24 wonderful animals made of bits of disassembled chairs and things.



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  1. All interesting! Before I tell all my friends about your blog, I request more pictures. And longer, less cryptic descriptions going with each of all those links.

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