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Dance of the fingerless gloves.


Here’s last night’s (2013-01-04) Memo of the Air show ready to download, and it’s a pretty good one.  I managed to relate the stories to one another so the theme was really the theme, or a least a little more so than it’s been going up to now.

The real estate people raised the rent on KNYO’s storefront office in the Masonic Lodge, and some other stuff happened, and so a new office space was found and moved into this last week and I’d somehow fallen off the email list and had no idea.  And the new office can’t get reliable internet service for the studio-to-transmitter link till this coming Tuesday.  So I got to do my show from the transmitter shack/trailer in the forest– and it turns out to be the perfect place for me to work.  They said it’s cold and small and and town is better, and all that, but I loved it.  You’re all alone out there– no cars going by, no distracting noises or flashing lights, no nose-ringed teenagers yodel-shrieking to each other.  (No picture window on the sidewalk. And no sidewalk.)  Best of all, in the transmitter shack you can plug your headphones right into the regular radio and hear exactly what you’re doing.  Even a half-second of internet buffer lag of working from town makes that impossible.  The lag isn’t such a big deal to people who are mostly playing recorded music, but I’m mostly reading aloud, and have you ever tried to talk and make any sense at all while your headphones are playing a delayed version of what you’re saying?  Try it sometime.

Cold, yeah.  No heat.  But I came prepared, in long underwear, two sweaters, a hat, and fingerless gloves.

Speaking of which, there was no time to set up another computer in the trailer to record the show for later consumption, so I brought in my video camera and used that (it has external audio inputs and you can set levels and shut off auto-level-control).  I started it recording in LP mode (gives over 12 hours) and set it aside and forgot about it.  The result was a 15 gigabyte (!) mts video file that I had to convert to mp3 for you, but what interested me today when I opened the video file was finding out how much I move my hands around when I’m talking.  (Where the camera was, it saw the bottom of the reading easel and my hands and forearms.)  My hands are flying around and drawing pictures in the air and gesturing and– the best part is where I’m talking about former Fort Bragg librarian and actress Sylvia Kozak Budd’s rich island-hotelier Italian ex-husband teaching me the Italian gestural language of disrespecting another Italian man.  I hope my hands don’t participate in conversation quite so much when I’m not alone, and I know that sounds weird, but most people when they’re alone don’t talk anywhere near as much as I do.  I talk much more when I’m alone.  And then someone appears in my attention as if out of nowhere and I startle like a gun going off, embarrassed about whatever I might have been saying.

Right, anyway, the new office is on Franklin Street (in Fort Bragg, CA), in the storefront next door to the Tip Top bar.  They’ll have pizza and popcorn and soda pop and beer and movies and all every first Friday of the month, in case you want to stop by.  I might arrange to do my show from the transmitter trailer on purpose on First Friday even when it isn’t necessary.  Really, it’s a treat.  It’s the way it used to be for me when I started back at KMFB-that-was all those years ago, except now I know how to do it.


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