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The sarcastic fringehead.


Last week’s KNYO Memo of the Air show is available here for free download with all the others. And, yes, I know the links there all have zeroes after them. That’s a feature of MediaFire. When I log in to my account and look, it says that the show with the greatest number of downloads so far is the latest one, with twelve, and the average is nine. This is about the same as the download numbers used to be for my old shows from KMFB-that-was.

And while you’re waiting for that, or those, or whatever, to download, here is plenty of good, wholesome, mid-week wintertime infotainment:

The sarcastic fringehead.

Untranslatable emotions.

Le speedy spaniel.

Who do you know who can do any of these things?

Mount Everest, zoomable and panable. Game: zoom and pan and find the tiny people.

This is a lot more interesting if you think of it as the popemobile, and the man as the pope, in his pope clothes, speaking in quavery Polish-accented Italian. I think they missed a trick using this guy and not the actual pope of Rome, who was free that afternoon. You can look it up.

My favorite is the one about the little girl pebble.

The problem of the two boys. (Juanita saw the answer instantly.)

The most common word in every Wikipedia article titled “History of _______” where there’s a country in the blank.

–and some things to notice in it.

The ethical history of the diamond.

North Korea, why so creepy?

All together now.

Roy Zimmerman, America. Left channel is from the mixing board; right channel is the room mic.

USA, why so creepy?

Pretty Natalia lands a (simulated) Boeing 737 by voice instruction.

Hours of good questions to work out in company.

Secrets of the professional pickpocket showman.

Secrets of the largest advertisement-free weblog ever (visitor Count: 581,887,823).


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