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Lady of Spaniel.


Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-01-18) Memo of the Air show on KNYO, ready for you to download. The show went well and felt smooth and easy (after I moved the entire mixing board and computer cart and all into the back room). I couldn’t get the office radio to properly pick up the station, to check on whether the studio-to-transmitter linkup continued to work right, so every half an hour or forty-five minutes or so I put on some music and went out back to my car radio and checked there. No problems. (Though later I got email from Late Night Liz about dropouts on her web stream.) Anyway, I record out of the mixer– the internet doesn’t affect that; the recording is unbroken.

My cold is mostly gone. I don’t feel at all sick. My voice is still hoarse and warbly, and you’ll hear that in the recording, but it isn’t painful to listen to, and that’ll have to be good enough. I sound like a man I heard in a dog food ad in the early 1970s, avuncular and chuckling with what’s called vocal fry. “Dogs love cheese…” (The dog food had cheese flavor in it.)

The air felt warmer than the previous two Fridays, but apparently the pipes in the new office were frozen so no water for tea, so just before I started my show I walked down the alley to Headland’s Coffeehouse and got Juan to fill up my electrical pittspopper.

After the show I screwed the new microphone supports to the reading easel and powered the mics and tried them. I like them but it’s up to the others whether they use them or not; the old mic is still there, still plugged in.

By the time I finished entirely and packed up to go home at about four-thirty a.m. my car was entirely encrusted with beautiful curlicues and arabesques of ice, gleaming in the point-source alley light like a Mexican polkateer’s mother-of-toilet-seat accordion. I didn’t like to mess it up by scraping it off the windshield, but I had to see to drive home.

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