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Friendly desert hoors and their madames and monsieurs.


Here’s another list of links to interesting things that, for being mainly visual or for some other reason, might not necessarily work on the radio. Also all around you are the usual other available things to see and do here, including download my latest KNYO Memo of the Air show or download any or all of the earlier ones.


The same train ride in all the different seasons, overlapped and shifting in a way that suggests travel between Shadow worlds in Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber books.

Friendly desert hoors and their Madames and Monsieurs. Safe for work.

Manic Pixie prostitute. Prostitute: “So you don’t want any sex?” Client: “God, no. Here’s what I want…”

Mickey Mouse, Foul-Tempered Giant Rodent.

Interview with LSD-dosed 1950s housewife.

Relative size.

Zombie apocalypse book power point sales pitch yammer.

Alex Jones has a huge radio following; he’s on hundreds of stations nationwide. Here is a typical Alex Jones moment. I think many people who listen to him do so because they want to be able to say later that they were there when his head finally exploded.

(A man who calls himself the Anti-Alex Jones deserves a following of his own. His shtick is to get stoned and video himself reacting to Alex Jones in real time. He’s quite entertaining. I would put the link to him here, but I can’t find him again. He’s mysteriously disappeared. I hope he’s okay.)

Rhythm makes your headlines sing.

Dwarves in swimsuits (safe for work). Doo dah, doo dah.

Lovely pet parrot sings in the shower, with surprisingly little prompting from the soft-voiced Russian woman.

“Hai, I’m walkin’, here!”

Hai, I’m synchronized frolickin’, here.

Hai, I’m watchin’ Asian sundress musical instrument porn, here. (Safe for work.)

He wanted a train to sit in anytime he felt like it, so he made one.

I wouldn’t dream of making fun of you.

Some different ways of getting it across. Rapier, air jet, water jet, projectile…

Support gay marriage or lesbians will marry your boyfriend. A compelling argument.

The last straw(s). My favorite is number 79: “Making the High Priest of the Baba Yaga voodoo cult so angry with him by challenging a perfectly normal ritual sacrifice that several of the Priest’s minions are obliged to beat the stuffing out of David and throw a cloak over his head.”


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