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Wow, an orange peanut. I accept you.


As I told my email list, I’m trying out a slightly less byzantine way of letting you download my recorded shows. You can still still listen to Memo of the Air live on KNYO on Friday nights from 9pm to past 3am (California time) on  KNYO by going to, and you can still download any or all of my KNYO shows so far, including the latest (13th) show by clicking on Links to Recorded Audio (above). But going forward I’ll be putting each new show in my DropBox folder and giving you a direct link to it. For example, here’s last Friday’s show, ready to just click on and play, or right-click on (to Save Link As or Save Target As) and download to keep:

Oh, one more thing– Juanita suggested I warn you every time I put one up that the show files are big. With low-tier DSL service a single 150-180 MB download will take about fifteen minutes. I’m experimenting with using higher compression to make them smaller.

If anything ever just doesn’t work, please tell me so I can fix it.


And here are several hours of rainy-day infotainment. Most of these things I found via the fine websites listed to your right.

Supersonic ping-pong ball. (Doo-dah, doo dah.)

Ze Frank explains the Superbowl once and for all.

Scenes From A Multiverse explains the Superbowl once and for all.

Ze Frank tells you how stupid your eyes are. Hint: it has something to do with your eyes’ having eaten Stupid-Os for breakfast.

How your brain works.

Traditional optical illusions.

“Wow. An orange peanut. I accept you.”


Fred in rotation.

The Centrifuge Brain Project.

“How can they live like that. They look like ants.” “They are ants.” I flicked one from my shoulder with a perfect scarlet nail.

Tumbling tumbleweeds.

It seems like a lot of money. But I’d like to see a chart like this for the cost of things we’re going to be doing anyway, like fighting over water and oil, and digging out from climate disruption. I mean, we spend more on pet food and cosmetics than on essential science.

It’s a living.

La la la. La-la-la-la-la la la la la-la.

Lo lo lo-lo lo lo. Lo lo lo-lo lo lo lo.

Will we ever run out?

Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords.

The hood ornament. They’re illegal now unless they’re spring-loaded.

I love this story. America’s hero, Kai the Hatchet Hitchhiker. On the way back to the studio: “Donny, did you get a shot of the actual hatchet?” “Oh, shit. No, boss.” “Well, here, I got one in my glove box. Pull over and we’ll shoot this one.”

It’s dog racism, that’s what it is.

Now I know.

Brilliant ideas. My favorite is the cutting board with a luminous gram scale inside it.

The Alphabet Song in Turkish.

And last but not least– the Pulp-O-Mizer. Really explore this project. It’s tremendous fun.

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