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Namaqua Rainfrog (squeak) reporting for KNYO (squeak).


Again, here’s my last Friday night’s (short because of power outage) Memo of the Air radio show on KNYO ready to download free via Dropbox. And here are some fun things to read and see and hear and learn about, mostly from the wonderful websites listed to your right.

Awww, he thinks he’s terrifying. (Also, I’m thinking of changing my hippie name from Three-Way Rugnozzle to Namaqua Rainfrog.) (My teevee Indian, Italian gangster, State Department code, My Little Pony, amateur radio and honking bluesmaster names will stay what they are for the time being.)

Aaaah! Yeah! Naaaah! Rrrrgh!

Some highlights of this last year’s operation of the SDO. (Thanks, Mark.)

Ocular landscapes.

Fascinating hypnotic dime on treadmill. For over an hour.

He doesn’t just like things that spin. He likes them a lot.

A Conlon Nancarrow piano piece. He labored in obscurity and then when he was very old the musical world discovered him. He was afraid he was talentless and silly, so imagine how pleased he was when he found out he was a genius all along.

A happy baker.

Happy time travelers.

Happy baby elephant playing in the waves.

Happy stalking killer drone. (Doo dah, doo dah.) “And now look at you. All grown up.”

“Ow! Alan! Ow!” “Here, tip your head back.” These people stay constantly vigilant, armed and ready to protect us from the dadburn gubmunt.

Speaking of which, “Ooh-rah,” he says, breathless with the pride of ownership of such sweet things.

Just as cool. Cooler, rather.

Also this homemade 6-shot .410 riot gun made of copper plumbing parts, sheet metal, pine and rubber bands. Admire it.

My Strange Grandfather.

Speed painter.!

History of Western music, in Italian.

The lesson here seems to be that the weasel is on the right drugs for a weasel and the rabbit is on the wrong drugs for a rabbit.

Citizens of Marijuania turn out to be much safer drivers than their neighbors the Alcoholes.

High school math plus Google Earth.

Miss Cellania says, “This is what happens when you don’t close your html tags and you never ever check your web pages after launch.” (Scroll down.)

This is what happens when you express a 17,000,000 digit prime number as a 6-bit jpeg image. (Warning: huge.)

Elizabeth Warren, yowza.


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