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Asleep at the switch.


Please read this post, or at least skim through it, before you download or just play KNYO-LP Memo of the Air show #019 (2013-03-15).

I forgot to press the record button when I sat down at the transmission equipment to do KNYO-LP Memo of the Air show #019 (2013-03-15). An hour-and-a-half later I noticed the recorder’s red light wasn’t on and convulsively rectified that.

I put out a call on the air and later by email for anyone who had been recording the radio or the stream and got no replies, so the only way I can reconstruct it for you is to list here what you’re missing. I’ve provided links to most of the original articles:

Show intro and acknowledgment of underwriters, such as the Village Toy Store on Lansing and Zo Office Supply and Copies on Little Little Lake in Mendocino. And, in Fort Bragg, Headlands Coffeehouse on Laurel, Windsong Books, Toys and Records on Main Street between Laurel and Redwood, and Sage’s Computer on Redwood.

PSA: The Ocean Protection Coalition is hosting “Looking Through the Seismic Window” – a lecture by famous geologist and earthquake expert Jim Berkland. Noon to 4pm, March 16. Fort Bragg Senior Center meeting room, 490 North Harold Street Fort Bragg. As part of the Fort Bragg Whale Festival, Jim Berkland, known as “the man who predicts earthquakes” will be giving a lecture “Looking Through the Seismic Window.” Mr. Berkland will discuss the probability of a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest, and the possible impacts of oil drilling and fracking on major fault zones. Antonia Lamb will perform on the banjo.

PSA: Notice of movie and karaoke night Saturday the 16th at KNYO, 325 N. Franklin, Fort Bragg.

A handwritten letter from Dear Aunt Phoebe, America’s Sweetheart.

The following email from Tom Cahill of Ten Mile:
Subject: Message from Bobby Kennedy to Bradley Manning
>Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. And crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance,
>Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society.
>And I believe that in this generation those with the courage to enter the moral conflict will find themselves with companions in every corner of the globe.

>The Mendocino Theatre Company Presents Suspenseful New Thriller /Boy Gets Girl/.
>Boy Gets Girl plays at the Mendocino Theatre Company at 45200 Little Lake St. in Mendocino from March 14th-April 14th, Thursdays through Sundays 8pm except for 2pm matinees on March 31st, April 7th, and April 14th.
>Info: 937-4477, or go to

Subject: No Way in Hell
From: Richard Alcott
>Here’s that cop story I promised you. I interviewed this fat, old retired police captain out here about, you know, the tall woman, and this is the transcript. This cop’s name is Hank Quinlan, and it turns out he’s kind of famous. Quite a few years ago, Orson Welles himself made a movie about this guy, you might have seen it or then again maybe you didn’t, “Touch of Evil,” but that was all fiction and, in the end, Welles has Quinlan’s own partner ice him in a filthy ditch. Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen and here’s one of the stories the real Quinlan told me. I’ve attached a background effects track you might want to use to add a little authenticity to the experience. The track runs long enough for you to get through this all right, so you’ll have to pot it down when you get to the end or maybe just let it run, and give your listeners the impression you’re doing the show live from a local greasy spoon joint.
>Thanks. All the best. (signed) Richard Alcott
>No Way in Hell
>What’s that, young lady? Do I want more coffee? Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned in my line of work — never say ‘no’ to more of anything. They do make a decent cup of coffee in this place and if you don’t mind me saying this, kid, I asked questions quicker than that when I was a flatfoot walking a beat on the rougher side of this town, and, say, are you going to eat those fries? They do make a decent side of fries in this place. Do you mind?
>So, like I say, we found that Marquez fella out there in the desert –this was going on 40 years ago, but the memory is sharp as it ever was, don’t you worry about that, you don’t forget things like that– not far from the highway, his clothes in tatters, and he was just covered in what turned out to be human excrement — I’m sorry, you’re eating. They do make a decent cheeseburger in this place.
>There’s just no other way to say it, shite all over him from head to foot, and, yes, it was disgusting, nobody could get close to him and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put him in the vehicle until we can get him cleaned up, so I get the county on the horn and call for a fire vehicle, a tank truck, so we can hose him off and get that mis’rable stank off of him, clean up all that shite he’d gotten himself into, and while we’re waiting, I take his statement, the damnedest story you ever want to hear, which was pretty much the same story he told later when we’d gotten him back into town –yes, about the giant woman, an ex-girlfriend to hear him talk about it– they’d gotten into a dispute that had evidently gotten physical and there was another man who had got involved one way and another.
>We get this Marquez kid hosed off and there’s still no way in hell I’m letting that farshtunkener sumbitch into my cruiser, so we get the county to send out a pickup so he can ride in the back of there. We book this Marquez on suspicion of helping that 50-foot woman escape from federal custody over to the college where the eggheads have her caged up like a laboratory animal trying to figure out what makes her tick –and, sure, I’d seen her myself, not a bad-looking woman, if you know what I mean, if not just a little on the gigantic side, and a mean temper, too — when provoked she’d go on these rampages and tear up downtown buildings, wreck automobiles –that woman just did not like automobiles, she’d pick ’em up like they was toys and fling them into good, established businesses in town, and people were getting hurt and, you know, that’s just not right, so we’d go down there and talk with her and try to calm her down –we just couldn’t go on and let a woman that size walk around rampaging like that, and that’s when the feds got involved, telling her they want to help her, to figure out how she got so messed up –psychologically, I mean, because the woman had some serious body-image problems, I can tell you that right now.
>To tell you the truth, kid, she was a good-looking woman, had a powerful bio-magnetic field around her, whenever she’d go downtown, you’d see all kinds of men and boys, other women, too, gather and follow her around, I mean you couldn’t take your eyes off her, and I’ve always been sympathetic to large women, you know, me being something of a large man myself –of course, nothing on her scale, I’m downright puny, a lightweight compared to that one, I could see the point of getting her off the street.
>At first, we get the tourists coming in from all over wanting to see the 50-foot woman, eating in the restaurants, staying in the hotels, riding on the narrow gauge, but with the rampages and all, wrecking the cars, hurting the businesses, well, even a kid like you can understand what we mean by diminishing returns. She was scaring people away, it was getting expensive cleaning up after her and the rebuilding — a big insurance headache.
>This last year was the worst tourist season we ever had in this town and a lot of people, the bigwigs over to the Chamber of Commerce, why, they thought the 50-foot woman might of had a part in queering the crowds out of town.
>The kid, Marquez –I know, sounds Mexican, sure, that’s what I’d’ve thought, no doubt– but turns out he’s carrying a Swiss passport, we found that in his room with the rest of his stuff — he gets close to her, working out to the college, his room’s full of scrapbooks, binders full of news clippings about her, going back years, glossy photos all up on the walls and photocopies of anything and everything about her.
>This Marquez, he kept notebooks, journals. We found out he came all the way out here from Switzerland to get next to her. He had motive, being in love with her, or thinking he was in love with her, he had access because of his research job out there to the college and, clearly, the kid is, I believe the medical term is, batshit crazy, a fricking lunatic, I mean, take a look at how we found him, head-to-toe shite-encrusted, that can’t be easy to accomplish, we’re still waiting for lab results to find out just what kind of prescription overdose the kid was on.
>And then there’s this other guy, this California kid, the track star? That 50-foot woman, seems like she had lots of fellas willing to pull looney stunts to get close to her…
>…Aw right, kid, is that enough, you got enough now? You got your story?
>More coffee? Thanks, young lady, believe I will, and how about a generous wedge of that dutch apple pie with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream — they do make a decent apple pie in this place — you want a piece, c’mon, kid, you eat like a bird, you got to keep your strength up, have a fricking piece of pie — it’s almost dinner time and I’m needing me just a little taste to tide me over, it’s Monday night at el rancho Quinlan and you damn well better know what that means –that’s right, darlin’, you know your old cap’n well, don’t you– tonight it’s Mrs. Quinlan’s baked spinach lasagna, and –you, kid, why don’t you come by, meet the old woman, break a bit of bread, take a little supper with us, say, sevenish?

Item from Greg Ross’
>“Extraordinary Wave in the Channel”
>The Weymouth and Channel Islands Steam Packet Company’s mail steamer Aquila left Weymouth at midnight on Friday for Guernsey and Jersey. On her passage across Channel, the weather was calm and clear, and the sea was smooth. When about one hour out, 1 a.m., 31st March, 1883, the steamer was struck violently by mountainous seas, which sent her on her beam ends and swept her decks from stem to stern. The water immediately flooded the cabins and engine room, entering through the skylights, the thick glass of which was smashed. As the decks became clear of water, the bulwarks were found to be broken in several places, one of the paddle boxes was considerably damaged, the iron rail on the bridge was completely twisted, the pump was broken and rendered useless, the skylight of the ladies’ cabin was completely gone, and the saloon skylight was smashed to atoms. The cabins were baled out with buckets, while tarpaulins were placed over the skylights for protection. Five minutes after the waves had struck the steamer, the sea became perfectly calm. Several of the crew were knocked about, but no one was seriously injured. — Symons’s Monthly Meteorological Magazine, April 1883

Architect’s proposal to rectify Battersea Power Station’s lack of roller coaster
–by James Holloway, Wired UK (via

Waking From My Moral Coma
–by William Rivers Pitt,

Obituary for Harry Stamps

Elizabeth Warren Confronts the Atrocity of Drug Money Laundering by Big Banks
–by Lynn Stuart Parramore,

Email petition from to hold Chevron accountable for apparently illegally using its great wealth to pervert democracy.

Email petition from to tax big-volume Wall Street speculation.

Email petition from for the government to stop weapons manufacturers from selling machine guns to countries that use children as soldiers.

Email petition from to stop McDonald’s and other fast food companies from hijacking a program that’s supposed to allow young people to come to the U.S. for cultural exchange programs and professional training. Instead, the fast food giants have twisted it into a source of cheap, exploitable labor.

Email petition from to tell Attorney General Holder: “It’s your job to prosecute criminals. If you can’t bring yourself to prosecute Wall Street crooks, you should resign.”

Email petition from to stop banks like Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Regions Bank from marketing payday loans to their customers. (These short-term, high-cost loans are blatantly predatory. The fees charged for making these loans are equivalent on average to more than a 300% annualized interest rate. And while payday lenders like to pretend it’s a solution to a short-term cash crunch, the fact is that they make their money when loan recipients pay off one loan by taking out another payday loan, thereby falling into a cycle of debt that’s hard to escape.)

Email petition from U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation ( to tell Ben & Jerry’s to stop making ice cream in Israel and selling it in illegal, Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Item from Greg Ross’
>Recipe “to rost a Goose alive,” from Johann Wecker’s Secrets of Nature, 1582:
>Let it be a Duck or Goose, or some such lively Creature, but a Goose is best of all for this purpose, leaving his neck, pull of all the Feather from his body, then make a fire round about him, not too wide, for that will not rost him: within the place set here and there small pots full of water, with Salt and Honey mixed therewith, and let there be dishes set full of rosted Apples, and cut in pieces in the dish, and let the Goose be basted with Butter all over, and Larded to make him better meat, and he may rost the better, put fire to it; do not make too much haste, when he begins to rost, walking about, and striving to flye away, the fire stops him in, and he will fall to drink water to quench his thirst; this will cool his heart and the other parts of his body, and by this medicament he looseneth his belly, and grows empty. And when he rosteth and consumes inwardly, alwayes wet his head and heart with a wet Sponge: but when you see him run madding and stumble, his heart wants moysture, take him away, set him before your Guests, and he will cry as you cut off any part from him, and will be almost eaten up before he be dead, it is very pleasant to behold.
>Wecker credits this to a cook named Mizald. William Kitchiner calls it “diabolically cruel”; he quotes another commentator who says “We suppose Mr. Mizald stole this receipt from the kitchen of his Infernal Majesty: probably it might have been one of the dishes the devil ordered when he invited Nero and Caligula to a feast.”

Two items from CLG News (
>Much of $60B from US to ‘rebuild’ Iraq wasted; $90B spent on Afghanistan ‘reconstruction’ projects 06 Mar 2013 Ten years and *60 billion in American taxpayer funds later, Iraq is still so unstable and broken that even its leaders question whether U.S. efforts to rebuild the war-torn nation were worth the cost. In his final report to Congress, Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart Bowen’s conclusion was all too clear: Since the invasion a decade ago this month, the U.S. has spent too much money in Iraq for too few results. The abysmal Iraq results forecast what could happen in Afghanistan, where U.S. taxpayers have so far spent *90 billion in reconstruction projects during a 12-year military campaign… Overall, including all military and diplomatic costs and other aid, the U.S. has spent at least *767 billion since the American-led invasion of Iraq, according to the Congressional Budget Office. National Priorities Project, a U.S. research group that analyzes federal data, estimated the cost at *811 billion, noting that some funds are still being spent on ongoing projects. [Right, pretending to ‘rebuild’ that which the US destroyed. We all know the money — *150 billion and counting — went to US corpora-terrorists. Notice that the GOP refuses to spend a dime on US infrastructure but never cuts one cent in foreign ‘reconstruction’ funds? That’s because they know that the only recipients are US corporations. And, these are the same austerity-pimping predators and sociopaths — having also spent *700 billion to bail out Wall Street — that are pushing to slash Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.]
>US Spending Hundreds of Millions on Secret Israeli Bunkers –The Washington Post fleshed out the original Construction Project in Israel, called ‘Site 911,’ in November. 09 Mar 2013 Last year, it was announced the U.S. was looking to build a secret underground complex in Israel. On February 13, a contract was awarded to Conti Corp Federal Services in Edison, NJ to complete the project. Their bid of almost *63 million came in well below the possible *100 million set aside for the project. Conti’s bid went toward building five underground levels and six above ground buildings that they have 900 days from February 13 to complete. The U.S. government then issued another request for proposal December 28 to construct Site 81 Phase II. Also in Israel, also partially underground, this project calls for up to *100,000,000 to refinish six underground facilities and some currently occupied surface buildings.

Study shows that babies have a mean streak, and want their enemies harmed.
–by Darcy Wintonyk, bc.ctvnews

Singing Dancing Boy Upset

Study Shows Monkeys Shun Meanies
–by Yue Wang,

And then I played a little music –Indoor Fireworks by Elvis Costello, about lovers fighting. The end of that song is the first thing on the recording, because that’s when I noticed the record light wasn’t even on.

It’s a good thing I don’t work for NORAD back during the Cold War. I might have just accidentally not started World War III.


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