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Close your eyes and think of England.


In case you haven’t heard it yet, here’s last Friday’s (2013-03-15) KNYO-LP Memo of the Air show, ready to download whole* or just listen.

*Whole, that is starting from 10:30, when I noticed I’d forgotten to press record.

And here is a backlog of hours and hours of things to look at and listen to and play with, most of them lately via the fine websites to your right:

Years ago I was exposed to Mad Men via the YouTube clip /Carousel/. This is like that. Maybe even better.

Before and after.

I regret nothing.

Soft cat accompanies Russian accordion.

Comet with moonset, in real time.

Actrices porno sans maquillage. (Pas dans l’ordre alphabétique.)

Les chats qui ressemblent à des filles de pin-up.

Funny because exactly the level of religious-person reasoning you always get.

It’s a conspiracy.

It’s mercury thiocyanate.

It’s a combination of friction and precession and nutation.

It’s adiabatic compression.

It’s a Lego-paper-airplane-folding machine.

It’s a revolutionary new glueless tire-tube patch that reminds us anew that a world without string is chaos.

Don’t feed a man sissy-sweet salad.


Nonchalant heroes of the Wall of Death.

Land of the free. Home of the brave.

Young Estonian ladies of 1930.

Young lady of pi.

Can Bill O’Reilly Do Anything Else To Make Him Even More Of A Giant Asshole? Funny You Should Ask, Because Yes.

Rap battle: Edison versus Tesla

Gay agenda in science.

You want to listen to Bradley Manning tell it? Here. It’s over an hour and apparently recorded on an Edison cylinder.

Old back-projection teevees have a giant lab-grade Fresnel lens. I did not know that.

Modern archaeology.

The tubes.

“A tower and a tiny tortoise, two heels, an L, and an electric eel.”

A Norse Limerick for Bostonians–

–which is just the latest in Rowdy Geirsson’s wonderful series.

This guy has been calling himself the real Pope for like 20 years. And who’s to say he isn’t?

Mervin Gilbert sent me this: Paper Is Not Dead.

Maybe you just like to look at beautiful frogs, but the article is about nasal cells, and it’s interesting.

A hundred years ago everyone knew how to play the trombone this way and also levitate and they did it all the time, like in cafes and in the parlor and on breaks from work. Now it’s a lost art; hardly anyone does it, and so it seems like a tremendous feat and also kind of gay.

Photographing trains. A life.

Just the first month of media coverage of the so-called Iraq War, in timelapse.

“With the first gear spinning at 200RPM it would take over 2 TRILLION years for a single revolution at the end of the machine, so the final drive shaft can be embedded in concrete.”


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