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War. Hmph. Good God, yooz.


One of the things I don’t like about the word detainee (to describe people essentially kidnapped by heavily armed thugs on the word of their cranky neighbors) is that now, when I want to explain that my recording of the latest Friday night’s (2013-03-22) nearly seven hour Memo Of The Air show on KNYO, ready to listen to right away or download and keep for free, is going up a day later than usual, I can’t simply say the accurate thing, which is that I was detained, meaning not that I was hooded, beaten, shackled, flown eight thousand miles to a torture-camp hellhole and subjected to sleep deprivation, stress positions, extreme heat and cold, waterboarding (drowning over and over), etc., over the course of years, but rather that one of my day jobs kept me from my fun project for a couple of extra hours, and I had to wait until I could again get to where there’s a high-speed jack, because the file is 143MB and would take a week if I were to try to upload it using dialup from my house.

Anyway, here; it’s a good one:

Also you might enjoy the use of these links. I found them via the websites to your right.

Experience the planets

Time-lapse shot of building a giant ship.

And a white room.

P.S.  Since I started using my Dropbox public folder to distribute show files six weeks ago, nearly no files have been downloaded from the old MediaFire folder. So that’s good. Obviously yooz agree that Dropbox is a better way to do it. I’ll keep putting the files in both places, so if you ever want any particular KNYO Memo of the Air show, or if you want them all, you can click on Links To Recorded Audio (above) and then on and take your pick. They’re all dated and the later ones are both dated and numbered.

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