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Love and rockets. (Think Newton’s third law of motion.)


Here’s my Friday night 2013-03-29 KNYO Memo of the Air show ready to download or just play with one click. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on.

And here’s the same show in slightly lower sound quality and half the file size, in case you’re up against your bandwidth cap.


And here are many interesting things to inform and amuse that I found mostly thanks to the websites to your right:

A Venn diagram of bollocks.


How did I ever get along with five?

It’s illegal to do this, but so?

Slow-shutter water.

Slow sticky tongue.

Cold Dead Hand


Ballet of the Indoor Radio-Controlled Toy Airplane.

Luna Plays Jimmy Hendrix Voodoo Chile On Gayageum

In only ten minutes a day!

Art. (Mervin sent this.)

Twelve (12) Ala Wardis sing and play Risala Ela.

Carmina Burana lyrics competition winner. With captions.


Sun gods from around the world.

And a few colorful Bollywood Jesuses.

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