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Hot Israeli army girls.


Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-06-07) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP in Fort Bragg (CA), ready to listen to right away or download and keep for free.

Also here are all sorts of not-necessarily-radio-related electronical tchotchkes to occupy and perhaps boggle your giant brain:

Advertisement in all its loving grace.

On the other hand, while liquid smoke says I’m not that into you, real hardwood smoke says take me to the symphony. Or so we are to gather.

Ligeti – Artikulation notated.

Vi Hart should be the official U.S. math teacher.

Meet the beetles.

Meet the Sylvers.

Find the others.

Under the ice.

Monsters from the id. Poke around in the website; this is a much bigger deal than it seems at first.

Seeing is believing.!

Time-lapse Earth from space. With yummy green auroras.

Fuck, yeah! Female astronauts.

Hot Israeli army girls.

Stunning undersea photography.

Not CGI but a real machine. When I saw Hugo, I didn’t know this thing’s action was real, but now that I do, wow. (Scroll down and watch the video.)

Meet Bojoman and Demon Angel, who are apparently teaming up.

25 ways.

John Merritt, whittler.

How to make moss graffiti.

Dad gummit.

Big Brother gummit.

Oh, hi.

Vintage safety posters.

One rhythmical cat.

Gracie Fields.

J. B. Craipeau. Lament in six-part self-a-capella.

And one beatnik documentary of Soviet severed-dog-head experiments that, I have to warn you, is even almost too creepy for me. If you have the problem of sometimes not being able to unsee or unhear something you wish you hadn’t clicked on, don’t click on this.

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