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Zaz Zuh Zaz.


Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-06-21) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP, ready to listen to right away and/or download and keep for free.

And here are some things to look at and/or listen to and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the essential websites to your right. This time I’m trying out letting links to videos appear on this page, rather than just providing the link. If you don’t like it this way or it doesn’t work properly in your browser, please let me know.

Danny Boy.

Happy Japanese cop-ettes.

Thai scooter woman and pet bird.

Wildwood Flower.

Zaz Zuh Zaz.

Nothing to hide.

Knock knock.

Goldberg variations.


The fascinating DNA project of Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

“Heck, no, we’re not crazy! Why? Do we look crazy?”

He’s getting away.


Corset X-rays.


White people.


So will you save for taxes /or spend for the Axis?/


Learn to read Chinese in five minutes from this delightful young lady in high heels.


And the weblog of Antoine Cassar, international poet. With poetry projects and video.


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