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Double standard.


    “So she’s all over the place. She’s driving on the wrong side of the road. She goes up on the curb. She going over here and going over there. It’s crazy.  And he says, ‘What are you doing?’  And she says, ‘I don’t know.’  She told him the truth. The truth ends any conversation.” –Jerry Seinfeld

Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-07-12) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP, ready to listen to right away and/or download and keep for free.

And here are some things to look at and/or listen to and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the great little websites to your right:

Alan Watts – The Dream of Life.

The books.

A short film about artificial intelligence.

Old people react to twerking, which apparently is something the kids are all doing now with their butt. It’s the first I’ve heard of it.

You see it immediately. The fallopian tubes are the handlebars.

Fly through a canyon on Mars.

The Night Witches, sexily big-boned Russian women war pilots of World War Two.

Mark Kologi, Photo Man.

The little girl is so cute, and her father’s such a good singer.

Knor knor.

Practical results of the science of happiness.

Parable of the broken window.

Horror photographer’s fun family project.

Regular ping pong but under a camera, computer and video projector that responds to motion of hands, paddles and ball. Cool despite being slightly seasick-making.

Dan sent this. It’s Doris Lessing reacting to news of having won the Nobel Prize.

Industrial sculpture.

Another kind of industrial sculpture. Make sure to scroll down for more.

Giant airships.

“When you’re in the sprawling middle-end of an empire, which you are –which statistically it’s most likely for anyone to be in– it seems to you as though it’s always been there and always will be. But it hasn’t and it won’t, whether you know this or you don’t. It expands to an unreasonable extent, hovers for a blink in geological time, running frantically on thin air like the Coyote who has fooled himself out over the edge of a cliff, looks down (!) and then falls.”


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