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“The only thing I ever learned in school that did me any good in later life was that if you spit on a pencil eraser, it will erase ink.” — Dorothy Parker

Here’s last night’s (2013-08-02) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP, ready to listen to right away and/or download and keep for free.

And here are some things to look at and/or listen to and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the worthwhile websites to your right:

Flamenco flamingo.

Peruvian ballet flamingos.

Cop selfies.

The camp gyno.

“My goodness, that’s a lot of women in red dresses…”

…And a lot of other things.

A stellar idea.

Hoss Hound in The Farmin’ Life.

An odd device.

“Nearly everything.”

But not entirely everything. Demons, for instance.

And enormous Daleks made of straw.

This guy is so good at the incredibly difficult thing he does that you’re not even scared for him. He’s that good.

Also this guy.

And this guy. But it killed him. Toxic metals in the paint.


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