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Gorammit, Mal.


“Humiliation and indifference, these are conditions every one of us finds unbearable — this is why the Coyote when falling is more concerned with the audience’s opinion of him than he is with the inevitable result of too much gravity.” — C.  Jones

Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-08-30) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP, ready to listen to right away and/or download and keep for free.

And here are some things to look at and/or listen to and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites to your right:

Lovely germs.

Lovely bigger things.

“Heating with electricity is like burning violins.”

A good conductor.

The bass line of Stevie Wonder’s song For Once In My Life isolated and visualized.

Parallel universes…

…And a possible way of communicating with them if they exist, which we’re about to try to find out.

You are not alone.


Also, volcanoes.

More sun.

Japanese rain rock.

Japanese art.

Should we be freaking out in terror of radioactive seafood because of the Fukushima nuclear plant? No.  (Should we build better and safer power generation plants anyway? Yes.)

Should we be worried about being trampled by ducks? Yes.

Should women be the hot steak, not the cheap pork?


Paroxysm– that was the medical term for orgasm in the late 1860s, when a doctor invented the first steam-powered vibrator to use to cure his patients of hysteria. Twenty years later, the smaller electrical vibrator became one of the first modern household appliances, next to the electrical vacuum cleaner, toaster and clothes press.

I remember once reading a science fiction story about a computer project to use brain-electricity-measuring machines to calculate the optimum sequence of musical notes to produce happiness. They spent years and millions of dollars and the computers absorbed all the data and churned and clicked and eventually merely duplicated When The Saints Go Marching In. The person who wrote that story probably had seen this:

Julie Andrews was thirteen years old in 1948, and she was already Julie Andrews.

Also Carol Burnett.

And Maurizio Cattelan.!iaMJl

“If you’re not going to share, we might have to take it away from you.”

When I was little, my grandmother or my mother (I don’t remember which one; I was that little) used to sing this song to me. It goes, “My mama gib me penny to buy some cangy. I no buy no cangy, I buy some choong-gum.” (All letters G said as in got.) Now I know where the song comes from.

…So I looked up “La Sorella lyrics” and the first item on the list, “Lyrics to La Sorella” in, gives this surprising result:

The universal language of Ai-yeee!

Yodeling and whistling.

Time-lapse paint projects.

Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls) talks at TED about her music and art.

And, equally American, the screaming walk-in vagina. Also laughing. For a good cause, explained by a charming young lady in her prison art gallery.

A similar device, from 300 years ago when everything but blood was in sepia.!iaOEI

Fish = lousy tippers.

Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars improvised in the style of Beethoven.

The same Richard Grayson plays Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries as a Tango.

And the Simonsound Transit Authority. My favorite part of the park is The Land of Myth and Beasts, although Robot World is nice. The whole thing works best with old-fashioned over-the-ear headphones.



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