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Katzenjammer wunderkammer, strumpf, strumpf, strumpf.


[Updated to correct bad links. Thanks to Jheri for pointing them out.]

Here’s last Friday night’s (2013-09-13) Memo Of the Air show on KNYO-LP, ready to listen to right away and/or download and keep for free.

And here are some other things to look at and/or listen to, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites to your right:

This teevee ad for a telephone company goes on my list of greatest ads of all time, right up there with the Campbell Soup ad that ends with with the woman saying gently to the sad little girl, “My mother used to make me this kind of soup for me, too. Why don’t I tell you about my mother, and then you can tell me about yours.”

Hurricane balls –wait for it… wait for it… “Gosh.”

Call of love.

Leonardo’s mechanical lion.

Gun parts music.

We used to call these exploded views.

Rocket test and cows in real life. It reminds me of the Firefly opeing credits.

Calvin and Hobbs comic strips with text from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The rich guy’s TED talk last year that was pulled because it offended the other rich guys.

Why not take U.V. lights diving and see what happens?

The little man walked up and down.

Mad, I tell you.

School marching band plays Ylvis’ What Does The Fox Say. Includes tuba twerking.



The Darling Mermaid Darlings.

Meet remarkable woman, and literal definition of hot librarian, Megan Prelinger. Yes, the Megan Prelinger, founder and curator of the Prelinger Archives.

The Prelinger Archives.

William S. Burroughs reads Ah Pook Is Here to interesting organic space animations.

A closer look at our sun.

The elephant in the room.

How police mess with protest in New York.

A Florida courtship dance. (Warning: brutality with screaming.)

An illustrated book of bad arguments.

“R U fuken kiden me this Murica not fuken Muslima! Im not racist but 4 days after 911 this a insult!”

Inside a spherical mirror.

And then Peter Pan.!jvpoC

And the Leningrad Cowboys. And we’re done. Good for you for completing all the exercises.


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