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Here we go, Loup-garou.


Here is last night’s (2013-11-01) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click, once you’re there.

And here are some links to to other things to listen to and/or look at and/or play with, mostly that I found thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Turtles all the way down.

Cookies all the way up.

The gentleman’s sport.

Loreena McKennitt, Tango to Evora.

“And it doesn’t matter if you fall down or nothin’ ’cause your buddy’s gonna be there ta pick y’up. ‘Zalways someone there ta pick y’up.”

Grandpa Bill’s Train Town. The behind-the-scenes and under-the-scenes parts are especially interesting.

“Arrh, go on wit’ ya, ya quiggly-wiggly Papanui parrot!”

“–Ya finger-snappin’ wild man.” Skip ahead to 1:20.

“–Ya Reptiloid from Altair Satan VI.”

How we get pandas.

Filmmaker’s effective short about the importance of keeping it under the speed limit.

–and about not drinking and driving.

Dia De Los Muertos makeup.

Creepy mannequins. Though all mannequins have always been creepy, and though it’s racist to say so.

One more time. Distribution and perception.

–and let’s hear George Carlin (R.I.P.) tell it again. With the swears. Did I ever tell you that George Carlin had a subscription to my paper /Memo/?

Fascinating facts about ravens.


David Attenborough nature documentary sound on Miley Cyrus video.

Safety dance. Elaborate and festive.


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