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Zirn Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in Flames, Jon Westerly Dead


Here is last night’s (2013-12-06) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click, once you’re there.

And here are a few links to other things to listen to and/or look at and/or play with, that I found mostly thanks to the wonderful websites listed to your right:

It’s what’s inside that counts, or rather the parts inside that are opaque to x-rays.


E Krampus vitus.

Fight communism with truth dollars.

Blinking squid, then.

Juanita’s mother sent this:

Worst sidekick ever.

Rare Star Trek photographs.

What about the Bombe.

Further beautiful old calculators.

Voice wreck ignition.

The Prose Edda for Bostonians. (One in a series on Norse history for Bostonians.)

Death metal English, with video example.

Clouds in the canyon.

El Amor de Product Placement.

Max Forsetter sent this:

And Max also sent this. It’s Jim Heid’s experiment with putting a video camera in a radio controlled helicopter and flying it over and around in Mendocino. Michael Hedges (RIP) on guitar.

Another beautiful place.

King James Programming weblog.

Yeah, wow. All great points.


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