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E Klampus vitus.


Here is last night’s (2013-12-20) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click. There was a problem at the studio that caused the left channel to go on and off like a crazy monkey. I have revised history by repairing the recording. You’d never notice that anything was wrong, but I’m telling you about it because at several points during the show you’ll hear me bitching about it and fixing it only to have it break again. The point is, it’s fine here. And it’s a pretty good show. I cut eight hours of reading material down to five hours before I even went in.

And here are a few links to other things to listen to and/or look at and/or play with, that I found mostly thanks to the wonderful websites listed to your right.

It’s the bomb, baby.

A detonation cord Xmas tree, from several angles, at several speeds.

Similar lovely results from long exposure and just throwing a hand light around on a string.

Slow-motion espresso machine.


“Boys. We need more boys. Girls. Do. Not. Buy. Toys.”

Support the release of Chelsea Manning.

Video editor makes a project of sorting four minutes of traffic by car color.

Penguin traffic waves.

What (does) the koala say?

What the 9-year-old Dutch girl says.

What the bird see(s).

What Chris Arnade sees. You might start with his My Favorite set. These are photographs so good you start crying nearly immediately.

A view of the sun in moving contrast over multiple wavelengths. It’s all interesting, but a particularly interesting thing is shown starting at about 4:20.

Gravity visualized using a sheet of spandex.

Delightful self-balancing cube.

1,000,000 images digitized and put online free by the British Library.

“Ha ha. I am a real person. What? I will ask you a question about your current health insurance coverage. Okay?”

No more woof.

Right, it shouldn’t, because that would be class warfare.

And give up all this power?

Gas music from Jupiter. The original Michelin Man design.

This is why.

And time for some thrilling heroics. Or bone-stupid foolhardiness. You decide.


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