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Socked in the kisser with a three pound bouquet of Fimo butterfly hatpins.


“The mozzarella’s tools will never dismantle the mozzarella’s house.” –Audre Lorde, filtered through Pizza Feminism

Here is the recording of last Friday night’s (2014-02-28) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

And here are some links to other things to listen to and/or look at and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the prize-winning websites listed to your right:

Nature red in tooth and claw. Not today, though.

For a rescue pelican’s first flight ever, they tied a camera to its nose.

Yah-yah-yah! Nose typer!

This cute little robot can ride a real bicycle.

The trick goes right. Even if didn’t go right, so what? I always start crying, watching this sort of thing, and I’m not sure why.

The French towel dance.

A tumblr for Photoshop-added tattoos.


Kittenish deathmaidens of J-pop.

4.5 miles deep equals 10,500 pounds pressure per square inch. Bait, bright light, camera.

Are you a good liar? Find out.

Are you a witch? Find out.

Sam Harris makes several good points.

Generate your own comically plausible-sounding computer-science academic paper.

Artist’s model city of the future. See this through to the end; you get the train’s view.

Mating dance of the yoga snakes. Observed by Indian beardo on off-road Segway.

Billion-dollar boneyard.

Really annoying ADHD editing style, but… modern hybrid (gets lift by planing as well as buoyancy) blimp as big as a football field.

Heads for bongos.

Ze Frank employs a pair of circus ballet acrobats to illustrate why trust is worth it. As he gets older, he sounds more and more like Joe Frank, and that’s good.

In real life, Comcast will never swear at you like this, except where you can’t hear them, laving their tonsils in goldschläger in their sumtuous steel and glass aeries.

The literal version of Let It Go.

Mervin Gilbert sent me a link to the short film Asylum of the Birds, apparently about a real place, the subject of Roger Ballen’s photography that’s collected in a book of the same title.

Roger Ballen also made a picture book of the South African musical band Die Antwoord, a tall, avuncularly angry-looking man covered in tattoos, an albino girl with a high, reedy voice, and a boy with odd skin and a lightbulb-shaped head.


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