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Roy, am I mayor?


    Michael: “Peter, how do you DO it?”  Peter Pan: “Just think lovely, wonderful thoughts, Michael, and uuuuuup you’ll go!”

Hi, all. My mother will be eighty-five in April. I’m sure you remember about how she had her knee replaced in early-middle December and healed quickly thanks to good genes, a good physical therapist and her friends. Well, she went tango dancing last Saturday night, and tripped on a bump in the floor and fell and cracked her hip.

On Sunday a Kaiser surgeon screwed her back together. Everything went well; no complications. Today (Tuesday) she went to a rehab facility where she’ll be getting physical therapy for a week? Two weeks? I don’t know right now where I’ll have to be this coming Friday but if it means I won’t be able to do my show I’ll let you know and give you options.

Anyway, here is the recording of last Friday night’s (2014-03-14) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

And here are some links to other things to listen to and/or look at and/or think about, that I found mostly thanks to the warm and fuzzy websites listed to your right:

Roy, am I mayor?

Simplicity in a scary very short film.

A sad and happy clown story.


Theremin duel! Then later, for some reason, they turn on a Tesla coil. Which is fine. A Tesla coil is always appropriate.

We can’t decide. Give us another minute.

A website devoted to such signs.

Various international words for the eating sound.

1001 movies. A fast and well-cut multi-pane montage.

Olympics-level sign spinning.!z3a5K

Superman with a GoPro.

Superwoman with a good argument. Honest Doc Martin pwns smarmy Senator Burr.

New game pitch generator. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Quadcopter through ice caves.

This river is usually bone-dry and only a river in predictable years-apart torrent spurts, so that’s a big dogs-and-kids event.

How Dennis Eichhorn learned not to pick fights.

Tom Lehrer a long time ago.

Fifty years later, Bo Burnham. (I’ve started you 50 minutes into his concert titled simply (small-w) what. If you like this sort of thing, skip back to the beginning and watch the whole hour.)

And compare this song and dance number of the past…

…with a song and dance number of the present.

The future of the past. A bit bleak.


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