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How can we sink when we can fly?


    “Like Granny said, if you want a box hurled into the sun you’ve got to do it yourself, God rest her zombie bones.” –Hermes

Here is the recording of Friday night’s (2014-03-21) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click. (There were lots of transmitter-site-end problems of dropouts and dead air, but the recording is made at the mixing board and so is clean and whole, no stuttering except where I actually physically stutter, you know, from emotion and acting and/or being about to sneeze.)

My mother is doing well. Mitch Clogg took time out from working on his book to go with me to move my car from where I left it last week, and  then I went to fill a suitcase of things my mother wants from her house, and here I am at her house in the middle of the night, using her computer to post this, and then it’s back down south to spend another week or so at Juanita’s, near the rehab hospital. It’s a dizzying social whirl.

…Right, I was supposed to bring all the bills that need paying and stop at the post office box for last week’s mail… What else? Something else. If it were important I would have written it down.

When I’ll be bringing my mother home is still up in the air so, again, if I ever can’t get to the radio station to do my show I’ll let you know.  Ah, that’s what I keep forgetting to tell you: look around on this page for a Follow button. If you click that and give it your email address, you’ll get each new weblog post as an email. That’s convenient and hygienic.

Anyway here are some links to interesting things to listen to and look at, that I found mostly thanks to the websites listed to your right:

Edward Snowden at TED 2014 via telepresence.

/Happy/ in looped trombone.

I love watching people do this sort of work.

And this sort of work.

Looped train set. 141 cars, 9 engines. Imagine this going in reverse and that’s how 8-track car tapes used to work, with the whole tape sliding along itself, its entire length, and that’s why they wore out so quickly.

Not now, not ever!

What did she think chicken soup was made out of, that she’s shocked out of her gourd by this? I mean, wait till she finds out where eggs come from in the first place, and the tantalum in her phone, and chocolate, and so on.

The illustrated book of bad arguments.

The woman who curates the Museum of Bad Art says of one piece, “You look at this and you just go, /Wait, what?/”  And I think the same thing but about her attitude. It’s not bad art.

Small images, but a more comprehensive set of examples, and they get bigger when you click on them, so that’s nice.

Exactly where to put the clouds and the third eye in your art, good or bad.

Bot or not? (You can refresh by pressing free play.)

An intelligent-seeming endearing toy.

German hobbyist’s pingpong robot.

Man against machine.

A gallery of photos of interesting handmade bicycles.

Pentatonix acapella group’s amazing medley of Daft Punk songs.

And Somebody That I Used To Know. Better than the original.

She’s coming undone.

If groceries were like cable teevee.

He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good.

The famous Dungeons & Dragons Jack Chick tract.  “Debbie burned all of her occult material that night.”

If World War 1 were a bar fight.!ACSwV

If World War 2 were a bar fight.

Balloon yobs.

Results of the New York Times’ AI haiku generator. An endless page you never reach the bottom of.



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