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Welcome, conventioneers! International Clitoris Awareness Week (May 5 through 11).


I’m sorry to have to tell you: no Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show this week. Technical problems mainly with the computer at the broadcast booth kept me and Bob Young (by remote) messing with it for an hour and a half before giving up for the time being. I left the automation running like a broken clockwork Godzilla, and drove out of range hearing a line from The Who’s Tommy album skipping over and over. “The boy won’t be a boy no more– young but not a child. I’m the Gypsy, the Acid Queen. Pay before we start. The Gypsy, I’m guaranteed to tear your soul apar–“ (repeat, repeat, repeat)

I suppose I could have done the show anyway directly into the recorder and then put it here for you, but I brought at least seven hours of material, and starting so late to not even be live on the air didn’t even appeal to me. Bob might come back up here from the Bay Area and replace the computer tomorrow, or I or someone else here might be his hands. It’ll get solved. I’ll let you know how things work out. And next week I’ll do a special show to make up for all this.

Shit, now it occurs to me that there was something I didn’t try… but there was more wrong than just that, so… I’m not going back there now. We’ll fix it tomorrow.

Anyway, here are links to things that wouldn’t necessarily work well on the radio but nonetheless interested me enough to save them to share with you. I found them mostly via the wonderful websites listed to your right:

Cars of the future, including the most beautiful car ever. Ever. The 1947 Norman Timbs Special. All they’d have to do is make cars now on this model –maybe a little smaller, though– and people would just buy them.

The scourge of moral superiority.

Sure, kid.

A musical history of the Song of Death, or rather Dies Irae (Day of Wrath).

Xiangjun Shi talks about physics.

Terence McKenna: Culture is an intelligence test.

“So, Jay, what do you have to know to drive in this kind of race?”  “Go fast, turn left, go fast, turn left. That’s pretty much it.”

Welsh corgi dog negotiates zombie apocalypse to return shoe.

The pissing tanker, he will teach them.

A 13-minute teevee story about a remarkable climber.

Slow motion tattoo. Fascinating because bleagh.

Vi Hart explains Net Neutrality better than anyone else has so far, just like everything else she explains in her many instructional videos.

Things you can do, according to some books.

26 teaspoons of sugar in one McDonalds milkshake. Twenty-six.

I Criminale Della Gallassia! (/pchew! pchew!/ “Aiee!”)

La gigantesca grua-robot.

“I’ve got a metal implant in my ear too,” she says. “The doctor said it was wax but I can feel it. My partner Ken has a monitor that detects bugging devices. He puts it near my ear and it goes ding-ding-ding.”

Absurd right-wing Christian billboards.

Hot Russian girl war pilots and snipers of World War Two. Oh, and Dresden, after the hot Allied firebombing.

If all the ice melted.

A little perspective, over 13.5 billion years and countless gazillions of stars and planets.
…and a slightly different presentation of the same information:

The evolution of London over the last seven-millionth of that time.

Teevee shows’ stellar time zone corrections, if there were no noise floor.

It’s all inside the tiny blue blotch in the magnified square. And that’s just one galaxy with nothing particularly special about it.

“And the doctor said, ‘Be nice to your mother. Because if you’re ever mean to your mother you could kill her.”

And a 1986 PBS Stan Getz interview. With the famous bear story.


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