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“When it seems like it’s everybody it’s probably you.”

Bob Young came with an engineer friend of his, who told me his name both times I asked, so you’d think I’d remember it and could tell you [insert emoticon for palm-to-forehead here], and they repaired and replaced things (new sound card, new router, etc.) and moved the broadcast booth’s computer away from WinXP (!) and to smarter, svelter Linux and installed an entirely different and new automation and on-air software suite, and it became problematical as these things do, and wasn’t ready to just use by the time my show was to start, but eventually, after a lot of tapping and swearing and digital stuttering and test tone sequences, all was somewhat solved by a little after midnight. What I’m saying is, I didn’t get to do my show this week.

That’s okay. You might not have heard last week’s show (Friday, July 4). It’s a pretty good one. You can get it here. Or even here.

Or you can browse through the vast catalog of all eighty-three shows I’ve done so far for KNYO, by clicking here and scrolling down.

I’m sure everything will be copacetic by Friday the 18th. Ah, I almost forgot– we calibrated the signal chain to make live shows sound even better. So we’re going in the right direction and progress is being made. I’ll talk to you next Friday. Thanks for being interested. You’re a peach.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting things to look at and listen to and learn about, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites to your right.

Bullfrogs in slow motion.

Car racing in Britain in the 1930s.

It’s a comic and a graph.

Hobby Lobby.

The sound of water drops hitting different things.

A new kind of Jew’s harp.

Universal handwriting typeface, constructed by averaging.

Elephant’s graveyard of French cars.

These very few companies own all these thousands of somewhat foodlike products.

Fireworks show filmed from camera drone flying through the explosions.

What will likely kill you, depending on where you are, and if you live long enough to catch it.

And a tiger swimming in brilliant green algae.




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  1. Hi Marco. Seems like I’ve known you for years but I don’t think we’ve met. Anyway, as I express exuberantly on KZYXtalk and Announce lists (I think) it’s great you’re not dead. Is your hookup with KMEC working out? I love it that I can download your whole show and listen to it when I am awake. You’re a really great reader, fun to listen too and sometimes even brilliant. I think you said you are being broadcast on other internet stations. How many and what kind? I disagree with Liz that you are pushing too hard to get your show on KZYX. It’s great that they have to come up with an answer as to why you’re not on the air. As for the AVA, I agree that it is serving the community by providing a forum of sorts but I don’t think it’s an accident that your letters have not been printed. I think you came off well in that letter, and rather diplomatic, and amusing. And so you are a threat to Bruce with his jaundiced eye, bitter humor and his malicious personal attacks. Because you seem to have the skills, perspective and personality that could do what he is doing a hell of a lot better. Yours truly, King Collins, P.S. Interesting about you being bullied off the air. Many questions arise. Like about concepts of radio, What happened to Joseph Leon. But I agree with Donovan, that is an AWFUL STORY. kc

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