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Twelve Monkeys.


Cartoonist Mike Lukovich’s replacement Statue of Liberty plate: “I’ll trade you your huddled masses for my racist nitwits.”

In reading so far this week I’ve collected an unusual amount of really interesting material that, by its nature of being primarily visual or requiring too much explanation, might not necessarily work well on the radio, so I’m just posting it in the middle of the week to clear the deck.

It’s all below. And if you haven’t heard my last week’s (2014-07-25) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, click here and you can listen to it now— or really any time; the MediaFire links are much more permanent than the Dropbox ones were. (MediaFire gives 50GB free, versus 2GB free with Dropbox, so I don’t have to delete older shows to make room for new ones anymore.)

Have fun.


When the West was burning witches and arm-wrestling over a haunch of hart in castles made of piles of gray rocks, Muslims were inventing algebra, astronomy, five-part harmony and baklava in places like this:

The square root kid.

The Dog Waltz.

Peace signs.

Russel Brand says what we all think about Sean Hannity.

Russel Brand says what we all think about Bill O’Reilly.

The world doesn’t look like tables and chairs and cars and tree shapes and smooth skin and so on. The world looks like this.

What the world looks like to a tire.

/Where/ we look.

“I said, Mom, are you ever gonna tell me about the birds and bees? She said, Are you having sex tomorrow? I said, No. She said, Then, no, and she turned around and walked away. That’s the only sex talk I ever had with my mom.”

“Remember: alien sex is DANGER sex.”

Speaking of which.

Sadie reacts to some startling news.

The intelligence of crows.

Bio-likeness project. I’ve skipped you past the explanation because I don’t want you to start crying.

Motorcycle mishap compilation.

Oh, the shark shoots (finger snap) from his nose, dear (snap), and his nose is (snap), stainless steel (snap, snap).

Evolution of Bollywood Music. Penn Masala is a wonderful a capella group of Indian-American college kids. They sound like Pentatonix, and that’s really good.

Ivory Coast cocoa bean farmers taste finished chocolate for the first time in their lives. They had /no idea/. “Ahhh! Mmmm! It is so good! What is it, again? Chocolate. Chocolate. And they make this from my beans? Ohhh. This must be why the white people are so healthy! ”

If you even just click to read this, you become a terror espionage threat criminal and can never travel to Australia:

The Next War in comix form. Scroll down and down.

“Please, let’s just not have our last words be, /Oh, shit!/”

“The Air Force has caused itself /more grief/ with that /silly bastard/… That /silly bastard with his picture next to the bed! …I mean, he is a /silly/ bastard. I wouldn’t have him running a /cathouse/!”

March of the Juggalos.

Another thing America is number one in: fattest firemen in the world, hands down.

March of the –uh– whatever these things are.

Satoshi Kon is dead. Here’s a short film about his editing technique.

53 places 53.

George Steinmetz’ summer aerials. Click on and then click through SLIDE SHOW.

Some thoughts on the American room.

I had only read about this mid-1980s teevee show. It’s as creepy as they say it was, but a whole different kind of creepy now. “Eeugh! It /smells/ like a girl.” “Yeah, son, I used some of your mom’s perfume.” Here’s just the first 20-minute episode of /Small Wonder/.

Why a can? And why that shape?


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