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In which Gracie adopts a giant dog.


   “Hark! The moon, like a testicle, hangs low in the sky.” –Robin Williams (R.I.P.)

Once again, in reading so far this week I’ve collected an unusual amount of really interesting material that, by its nature of being primarily visual or requiring too much explanation might not necessarily work well on the radio, so I’m just posting it in the middle of the week to clear the deck.

It’s all below. And if you haven’t heard my last week’s (2014-08-08) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, click here and you can listen to it now.

Just watching this movie trailer I cried so hard it made the whole front of my head hurt. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Well. This is useful.

Trying it out. I really like the precision of the stop-spin burn. It’s as positive as a light switch. They know exactly how to do that part of it.

Backward and in heels.

Even prettier in the air. And they smell better up there too.

Lighthouse porn.

The mathematics of weight loss.

The yoyo champion of the world. The music sounds like a boot stomping on a human face forever, but you can turn that down.

The tantrums of Li’l Bess. (Scroll down.)

The insinkerator version of Over the Rainbow.

New hyperlapse technique. Shock and awe.

At 1:03, for just an instant, Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory appears. She looks troubled.

Again with the passive-aggressive notes.

Passive-aggressive loans.

In which Gracie adopts a giant dog.



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