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Schnitzel mit schmutz.


Here is the recording of last night’s (2014-08-15) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

Okay, not as funny and sad as Robin Williams but funny and sad: I prepared all week, brought everything to the station, set up, switched in and did my show, checking every once in a great while (three times in six hours) to make sure I was on the air, and it turned out that I was checking coincidentally during the brief instances when the stream was actually sending my show out properly to the web (and also to the transmitter), when in fact most of the time, for some unknown reason, the stream was filling in from the automation system. So when I got home at about 5am I read email from all my friends asking if I was okay because they couldn’t get me on the radio or the web and so just gave up. This is where the swear words go.

It’s probably better that I didn’t know. It’s a kick-ass show, with stories and music and educational material of pathos and grandeur, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

Also here are some links to interesting not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

It’s not your fault.

“Please, Blue Fairy. Please make me a real boy.”

Oh, well. What can you do.

“Give me steam, and how you feel to make it real, real as anything you’ve seen.”


Steamed eyebrows.

In sepia.

A really interesting video about UV and skin and a limitation in human vision.

If your connection and computer will play this in HD, let it.

“I was doing some DNA profiling until you parked your maudlin keister in front of the window.” (Scroll down.)

Like a girl.

Q: What is your day job? A: Data entry.

/What if?/ The expensive shoebox question.

Cardboard art…

…which reminds me of a movie I really liked: /The Science of Sleep/. The wikipedia story of it doesn’t mention the cardboard animated dream sequences, but it’s a nice story. Here:

Brek-ek-ek-ex, FedEx, FedEx. Brek-ek-ek-ex, FedEx.

Spy org chart. Read the article, click on the chart, then plus to embiggify.

Smile teevee. An art project.

The butts from Brazil.

Cinemagraph GIFs. (Click anywhere on the page BUT the obscuring subscribe box.) (My favorite GIFs are the tilt-shift cloverleaf and the twitch-ear cat.) (And then there are many more pages of this stuff.)

Why black men don’t open carry.

Israeli snipers shoot at children playing on a rooftop, cripple one, and then laugh and joke about it. Not an art project.

One of the nicest things about America is, we never send the army in against our own people. And when we do, they make sure to teargas anyone with a camera and take the camera apart.

A nice new webcomic. The story so far. (Scroll down.)

Thank you, masked man.

Work ethic.

Incidentally, /Dutch Wife/ is the Japanese term for a sex doll. I kind of see the attraction, but I’d like to hear what her voice sounds like. The voice is important to me.

Humans need not apply.


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