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The farmer and the cowman should be friends.


[Lilting arch singsong:] “Hel-lo Mister Rat Brain. Not so bitey without the rest of the rat to back us up, now, are we.” –Amy Farrah Fowler

Here is the recording of last night’s (2014-08-29) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

A good show. Some songs from Chase Holfelder’s Major-To-Minor musical project, and the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and /Golliwog’s Cakewalk/ arranged for string quartet. An Alex Bosworth story. No Oliver Elfhost this week; I don’t know what happened there. No chapter of Elly Cooney’s book about her mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s; what happened there was I left the book at Juanita’s house– also my wristwatch. And Boston Blackie instead of Firesign Theater at the end. Five-and-a-half hours; not a long show. Something to listen to while you weed the garden or shoot your stupid gun into the air.

Also here are some links to interesting not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Watch these old people react to Oculus Rift.

I started to say I’d be willing to bet there’s nobody alive who can match this, but I suppose you could find some Chinese seven-year-olds who can do all this and play the accordion at the same time. Impressive even without the accordions, though.

Watch this vastly wealthy CEO generally kick and thrash his leashed puppydog when he thinks no one is looking. But first, read his goofy damage-control apology.

The war on Drugo.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Our sun, the heating system. 3 years in 3 minutes.

Neptune fly-by. Real, not CGI (except in the sense of being digitally restored).

Our incontinent planet.

Heave away, boys, heave away.


Say hello to Mister Glaucus Atlant.

Humans are more closely related to these other Earth creatures than to anything we will meet on planets of other stars.

Stage 9 animes.

How to bow properly. Also, this woman is delightful.

Case closed.

Mark P. sent this. It’s a short film about an artist who is like Audrey Tatou’s /Amelie/.

Who would decline being paid in Nikola Tesla money?



The annual Burning Man collective temporary kinetic social art project.

This farm breeds tame deer for giant weird antlers, so afficionados of that sort of thing can pay a lot of money to walk right up to them, shoot or stab them to death, and then later receive in a shipping crate the chopped-off head to, I don’t know, put on the wall above the teevee or rub it on themselves, or whatever, that’s their business.

Gimme the cherries! Gimme the god damn CHERRIES! RRRRRRAAAGHHH!  Jesus needed one of these things for the fig tree that pissed him off. You know, in the story.


A really interesting article about weirdly accurate old maps.

Jon Stewart explains everything again.

“Stop resisting! Stop trying to take my gun!”

Nevertheless teevee is trying to kill us.

Also video games.

A kind of justice. If that’s really what you want.

And nose play.


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