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“One attoparsec per microfortnight equals one inch per second. Knowing is half the battle.”

Here is the recording of last night’s (2014-09-12) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

You get a new Alex Bosworth story, a chapter of Eleanor Cooney’s book /Death In Slow Motion/, three chapters from Clovis Shea’s book /Acid Test Dropout/, poetry, song, satire, political and scientific education, jokes, Boston Blackie, and even yet more– all in a short (4.5-hour) package. No PCBs. No BHT. No animals were harmed in the filming (although a next-door bar patron left his dog tied to a post out front, and there is a half-hour stretch where you’ll hear it barking like a metronome [BARK… BARK… BARK…] and then periodically bursting into a flurry of much more creative non-metronomic barking at perhaps a car or a passing stroller.

Oh, right– the show begins with six minutes of lovely and smart and tough as nails Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking to Congress on the subject of a Constitutional amendment to undo the exponentially increasing damage the so-called Citizens United Supreme Court decision inflicts upon America. Elizabeth Warren should be president of the United States.

Also at you’ll find literally jillions of not necessarily radio-useful but nonetheless shiny items, such as:

The logic behind the argument against vaccinating children.

Where children sleep.

99 Red Balloons played on real red balloons.

Awesome optical Rube Goldberg machine. One balloon.






Dogs of space.



Black dinosaurs of today.

Oh, I see. It’s different for women than it is for men.

There it is again: the illusion of control.

One girl, one cup. Includes all the false starts.

Boop law.

Shtetl Lassie Contra Los Zombies Nazis.

This wonderful, long article, as well as informing about, among other things, the swamp island where /Beasts of the Southern Wild/ was filmed, reminds me that poet Leonard Cirino’s hippie name was Lost Rainboot. (My hippie name is Three-Way Rug Nozzle, after the seminal early-1960s GE vacuum cleaner attachment.)


We never did exactly this at the Albion Whale School, but this is the sort of thing that we did. Includes the obligatory consumptive child coughing his guts out near the microphone.

Bug eyes.


The Conway Immobilizer.

And all about the Roman Empire in maps. Includes the Firth of Forth, everyone’s favorite firth.


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