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“Haggis and Hogget, Lipkis, Dench, Moloch-Sterns, Nkeze. How may I direct your call?”

Here is the recording of last night’s (2014-09-19) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

Also here are some links to interesting not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Motalko. Wow. This reminds me of the opening credit sequence of /Carnivale/.

The opening credit sequence of /Carnivale/.

Slow motion skateboard flips.

This promo for a powered exoskeleton is just the beginning. Soon machines like this will balance themselves, and they’ll be smaller, more form-fitting, more agile. But even just only this far:  these people can get up and walk. Imagine.

Save Miranda.

Eyewitness testimony is both the most relied upon and the most unreliable evidence in getting a conviction.

This guy adds fresh art to historical photos to make creepy and funny animated gifs.

A new Pogo piece. (He cuts films up into short blurts of sound and reassembles them into music.) (Disney essentially got him banned from coming to the U.S.)

Our creepy insides.

Our creepy outsides.

Our creepy imagination.

Point-of-view radio transmission tower climb.

An abstract look at evolution.

There’s another one just like this but where the boys sit around and talk like girls.

Hide yo.

“Hey, you find dude’s vein yet?”

A photograph can explain so much.

Public shelter living.


Ooh. Oh. Puppies. The cute, it burns.

“Why do i only have a stone lion for my LEFT HAND? What am i supposed to do with my right hand, besides BE DISAPPOINTED.”

Kings of Leon – Beautiful War.

The BAH! Wonderful! I knew nothing about this festival. I want to see all of the presentations.

“My big dent dissapear.”


Meanwhile, but 2000 years ago, the Greeks made this mechanical astronomical computer:

Time-lapse Netherlands. Looks lovely.

Our friend, the diatom. “I first saw a diatom when I was 16. It was love at first sight.”

115 useful websites.

“Obamacare forces nurse into sex-slave trade.”

Pre-Hays Office Felix.

Good for him. What a nice man.

But not this man.

Okay, this is perfect, Brian Cranston, yeah, but I still want to see it with William Shatner.

What is it, boy? Drugs? Good boy. Who’s a goood booooy, huh? You. You’re a good boy.

An example of all that white-on-white violence we’ve been hearing so much about, not.

Proper care and feeding of your juggalo. Includes info about the difference between violent juggalos and nonviolent juggalos. (They hate each other.)

Baby’s all, /What the…!/

Herrmann the Great, Favorite of All Nations. (I have a tent-size , 100-year-old, canvas poster for /Marko the Magnificent/ that Herb Jager gave me when he had to move away from Albion. It’s rolled up and stashed away. I’d forgotten all about it till I saw these ones.)


Kutiman collects little snippets of hundreds of disparate YouTube musical videos done by all kinds of people, and he edits them together to make coherent powerful music of his own, like this:

And here’s a painful mutual-nut-kneeing argument for the existence of God. See, each Jesus-like combatant prayed equally hard for the destruction of his enemy.


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