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Five pounds of Halloween show in a three pound bag!


    “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.”

Here is the recording of last night’s (2014-10-31) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

Further, here are some links to interesting not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

How have parents ruined Halloween? Let me count three ways.

A journal of things that fit.


The future. Floating, shining soot, etc.

This is an example of video I search out as soon as I hear about the disaster, to watch it over and over even though I hate what happened. It might be that I’m trying to memorize it so it won’t happen again, or won’t happen to me, the way people rubberneck at car wrecks, but I have no input into the process and will never get near a rocket to space and so it doesn’t matter what I know, and maybe that’s part of why it makes me so sad. (On the other hand, Lori Price of CLG NEWS implies that NSA (not NASA) had hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of secret spy machinery in it so, if that’s true, the sadness is somewhat queered.)

And from another angle.

Further disaster. (The word disaster literally means bad star.)

And then something goes or rather will go right. On my birthday (Nov.12, 2014). I just want to say, see the way the European Space Agency gets you excited about real space science. NASA could take a lesson from them.

Bring me my cross of burning gold. Bring me my chariot of fire.

Are zombies racist?

Paint it with fire.

A lovely thing to watch being made.

Marble boss. How we get marble.

The succulent Qing Dynasty meat stone.



Melies: The Monster.

A camera crew is too expensive anymore. Here’s how they do it now.

The One True Dog.

Ghost islands.

Take a ring off it.

Li’l Dicky: Lemme Freak.

If driving was taught like sex ed.

The true baseball acid story. Oh, and dexamyl. And benzedrine. “So the game started, and the mist came in. Misty rain. So all during the game it was a little mist…”

Put a camera on it. Scary. I know it turns out okay, but… it’s got its dinner, and the guy goes right up to it.

Oh! Toy! Gaah!

Lord Kelvin’s water dropper.

How the woman gets her stripes.

“The closest I’ll ever get to touching space.”

All the planets in the Solar system set edge-to-edge in a line, and Pluto also, would exactly fit between Earth and the Moon. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

How he made it. (In fact, from the after-talk: “What I learned is, beyond a certain level of effort there’s basically no correlation between the amount of work you put into something and how successful it is.”)

…And one of his more successful projects.


“Again with the 7.”

Eleanor Cooney sent me this link to a pictorial story about the contents of the abandoned suitcases of insane asylum patients, or clients, whichever is used.

For every one American who dies of ebola, fifty thousand will die of the common flu. Get your flu shot.

How is this even possible. Amazing new OK GO music video.

The girl who literally couldn’t even.

“So I started going out with this guy. He was a seventh-generation circus performer. He had grown up sleeping with three tigers…”

Wildebeest rush hour.

You think you can just grab it by the nose and keep it away. But you can’t, because of the strength of its great long arms and the sharpness of its six-inch claws, which can cut your spine in half by reaching in through the front of you. Think how stupid you would feel. You’d be like, “I’m killed! By an anteater!”

The full  nose test. Warning: honks.

“Trews is like the news if the news were true.”

Sugar money.

“Enjoy an ice cream cone shortly  before lunch.” Slideshow of sugar ads.


Ernest Hemingway’s new typewriter.

What women look for in a man. Short version: voice, teeth, hair, eyes, fingernails, shirt, shoes, neatness (car interior as well as ears), funny, polite but sarcastic, good tipper, and a scar. Easy.

What drives men away from a woman. Short version: the stuff she says.

The Skeleton Dance.

Japanese Halloween.

Exorcism: a psychiatric viewpoint.

The two-white-line 3D trick again. Scroll down.

A treatise of remarks regarding Experiments and Obfervations  in an heated Room, 1774.

Twinkie offense.

And don’t forget to reset the bridge clock, cadet. One more demerit and there go your ansible privileges.


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