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Stroj koji automatski primjenjuje zlatnu foliju. (The machine that automatically applies the gold film.)


   “The torturer controls all proceedings. Arbitrary fallacies distort. Hope is corrupted. Fear debilitates. And with all of the constraints these things force upon the proceedings, there is no place left for the truth.” –Cicero

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2014-12-19) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.  It’s my 875th weekly Memo of the Air show, my 106th just for KNYO.

For breaks in the show I managed to play a surprising amount (about a third) of my holiday-time music collection, very little of which you’re ever likely to hear anywhere else, and instead of Boston Blackie at the end you’ll hear William S. Burroughs himself recite his story about a guy who goes around pretending to wipe parked car windows in order to see if there’s something to steal that he can sell to get anything with opium in it. He does a magically sweet favor for a truly suffering man, with no thought of reward, and it’s The Junky’s Christmas.

And there’s Alex Bosworth, Rich Alcott, a lot of material looking at the small-steps torture revelations through interesting filters including screenplays of toga dramas since 1932. If you just want to read the toga part for yourself, here. And relatively early in the show Mike Lacher gives you thorough non-condescending instruction in how to write good sex scenes. A small sample: “Imagine the sexual congress between your characters not as a schoolboy’s sketch but as a Dutch Master’s canvas, full of excruciating detail upon each pert nipple and goosefleshy thigh. Consider, as Vermeer did, how the dewy morning light falls about his ample foreskin or how her rosy loins tremble like a cello string struck by a moistened frisbee.”

Beyond all that, here are some links to striking but not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

All classic Doctor Who episodes at the same time.

Robots in space.

An hour of beautiful old aeroplanes. Just skip around in this.

Luc Bergeron presents his video selections of a number of people doing everything but sitting like a lump watching video selections of such people.

Superstition, organized into religion or not, is giving in to a mental illusion– an optical illusion but instead for reasoning and the mind. You can be /so sure/ of a thing you believe as strongly as you’re /so sure/ the apparently green and blue spirals in this design are different colors. And it won’t even matter if someone shows you that what you believe is neither true nor real. Because you believe it anyway. Because it’s so obvious, and it’s right there, obvious all over again every time you think about it.

The Plio Diet.

And nobody ever punches him. The world is good.

And nobody ever punches him. In this case not so good.

A to Z of torture.

“It can’t be against the law to say fuck because that would make it a crime to say fuck the government, and in this country that is the last thing it can ever be a crime to say.” That’s right. Exactly.

“She may look clean –BUT pick-ups, “good time” girls, prostitutes SPREAD SYPHILIS AND GONORRHEA. You can’t beat the Axis if you get VD.”  Well, you can’t. She does look clean. Watch out.

What are you in for?

“I think there’s too much turbulence when there’s an asymmetric collision of the vortex with an object in the water.” You go, Physics Girl (continued). (Further experiments from audience suggestions.)

And the musical playlist used by the CIA to torture kidnapees:


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