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That Wacky One-Leg Girl.


   “As a young child I wanted to be a writer because writers were rich and famous. They lounged around Singapore and Rangoon smoking opium in a yellow pongee silk suit. They sniffed cocaine in Mayfair and they penetrated forbidden swamps with a faithful native boy and lived in the native quarter of Tangier smoking hashish and languidly caressing a pet gazelle.” –William S. Burroughs

Here’s the recording of last Friday night’s (2014-12-19) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.  You might get it and play it for the holiday-time music alone.

On top of that, here are some links to striking but not necessarily radio-useful items that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right (and a couple thanks to people in the MCN Discussion listserv):

The sensual step-scrape puppet dance at the end is worth waiting for.

“I think it’s a quite nice look for her.”

I remember talking this over years ago with Juanita. My contention was that Gollum would not at all splash into the river of orange-hot lava and be covered up but rather crash on the surface and his smashed wreckage burst into flames. Turns out that’s exactly right.

In easily understood banana units.

Now imagine the radiation from a Solar mass of bananas.

Elevator strategy.


This 3D technique always makes me hear, in my head, the sound of a water spigot squeaking on and off– “EE-er, EE-er, EE-er, EE-er…”

The Scream enters the public domain on January 1, and not a moment too soon.

Brains with slide rules made this in 1963. That was just sixty years after the Wright Bros. canvas kite with a lawnmower motor on it.

How we get giant safe and efficient jet airplanes (+) that 99% of us will never be able to afford to ride in (-).

Giant ships of the past, real and imagined.

Animated graphs.


Hello, goodbye.

“When people are completely free to do whatever they want, they usually imitate each other.”

And Betty Hutton. That is all.


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