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The myrmidon of a wealthy pervert.


    “You should always speak your mind, and be bold, and be obnoxious, and do whatever you want, and don’t let anybody tell you to stop it.” –Chelsea Handler

1. Alex Bosworth would like you to know where you can buy his magical book of stories. It makes a cheap and romantic gift for that special person in your life, who will be thrilled if not aroused by your thoughtfulness:

2. No Memo of the Air – Good Night Radio show last night (2015-02-06) because of Fort Bragg’s going dark of power from the storm. Doug McKenty came all the way from freakin’ Elk to talk about his candidacy for the board of KZYX –on KNYO, because for some reason candidates get like ten minutes in total on KZYX to do that– and we had a nice chat amongst ourselves in the dark for a couple of hours. He’ll come back in two weeks and we’ll try again.

3. Next week I’ll be doing the show by remote from Juanita’s. Count on it; the power never fails there.

4. Here are some fun things to look at and play with that I found mostly due to the fine websites to your right:

The queen of code.

A Day Called X.

Next year’s SpaceX launch vehicle. We’re getting there.

Undersea currents plus free-diver.

Russians over Dubai.

Starlings over Israel.

Artificial intelligence captions random photographs from the web and then twats them.

Several hundred solenoids. And some xylophones.

“And the prawn is still attached to the hook.”

Morse palindromes.

The dynamic Ebbinghaus.

A celebrity told me, so it must be true.

Point, set, and so on.

Republican senator says it should be up to restaurant workers
whether or not to wash their hands after they handle their sweaty
private parts or take out the garbage, because that’s freedom.

More than warts.

3-D-printed fractal chess set.

The real R.O.U.S. They’re like bulldog-horse-capybaras.

Physics Girl explains a supernova by using sports balls. If Physics Girl could be cloned and hired to teach in every grammar school in America, we would have unlimited electrical power and colonies in space in twenty years.

Such nice beer ads. It’s a pity beer is so yucky.



13 Mexican pulp book cover arts.

And Brian Wilson’s piercingly vivid animal photography.


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