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Goodnight, Spock. Goodnight, Eduardo.


    “The blatant beast is a monster with iron teeth and a thousand tongues.” –Edmund Spenser

    “That’s why I never kiss ’em on the mouth.” –Jayne Cobb

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-02-27) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

I haven’t talked with Eduardo Smissen in a very long time. He’s been on my email odds-and-ends and notification list since I got my MCN account in 1998. I went to his wedding in the Elk firehouse, that was officiated over by –and I hope I’m remembering this right– Peter Litt. A magical wedding.

Eduardo told me once that he got involved in radio because of my bringing him to the show I had for a very short time on KZYX in 1989. He’d bring exotic records and we’d play them and then his microphone was on and he’d just talk and talk about music. And then he had a show there for many years –I think it was called /Radio!Radio!/ And it never occurred to me that he had never been on the radio before; he was just naturally good at it. So I think it might have been a fib; I think he was a radio star in Brazil before that.

An amazing painter. He had some recurring motifs: there was a minotaur– a businessman in a suit with the head of a bull, with a bird flying out of, or trying to fly out of, the cage of his heart. And he’d paint on plywood a scene of running slavering wolves at night and then cut the painting out in the shape of a whole other painting and hang the result over an entire wall. Penguins in flames falling out of the sky like burning bomber planes. I’m sure it’s all on his website; look him up.

He made a living for a few years by coloring comic book art for big companies, out of his home studio. I still have the Star Trek comics he gave me, that he colored. Also he worked in Red Rooster Records in Mendocino. And he had an ever-changing collection of moving art in the front window. There’d be a painted sculpture on a record player, going around and around; and then I’d go again, delivering papers or something, and it’d be something different, going around, or going up and down.

When I was making microphones, which would be like fifteen or twenty years ago, he commissioned me to make one for him to use at home. I remember he said, “How much?” And I said, “Twenty?” and he gave me fifty bucks– oh! and at that time he gave me a good cheap deejay mixer that he graduated out of, that I’m still using for sound work for the theater, and a computer that I repaired part by part as the parts broke or became obsolete, so from where I sit writing I’m looking at it now. The case of it. Everything inside is different. He painted a little
funny/sneaky-looking man on the front that I’ve been looking at all these years and I’m only really seeing it now.

He liked me. He called me /Marcocito/. I think he liked everybody, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a cute pet name for everyone even marginally in his life. And everybody liked him.

I wish good things for his family. I’m so sorry.

And here are links to some not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

/Meanwhile…/ sea creatures, time-lapse video.

Time-lapse land creatures.

Our sun, five years, one frame every eight minutes.

Time-lapse video of putting an $8 million doll house back together.

It plays the violin.

They play Led Zeppelin.

He makes a dandelion paperweight. (The part where he uses a knife to open the seal on the resin is really hard to watch. Take my word for it; he doesn’t slice his thumb.) (But if he keeps doing it that way, he will.) (And instead of being a paperweight it would make a wonderful eyeball for a life-size space alien puppet. Or –even better– a replacement glass eye for a person.)

It flies around over the Russian aeroplane museum in winter.

He stays awake.

She dubs a death metal version of /Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/ over Julie Andrews.

He learns to bark an opinion.

They’re pink because of stuff in the shrimp they eat. If they ate something else they’d be another color. Vulcans, for example, have green blood because they’re vegetarians, and also they’re from another planet, but it’s not green because of using a copper based material instead of hemoglobin (iron). That’s a myth.

Flamingos of the Andes. “These are Chilean flamingos, but wherever there are flamingos in the world they do the same dance.”

The dream god.

Goodbye PMS.

The science of anti-vaccination.

The first scientist.

The first picture taken from the surface of Mars. (1965)

Make your own fractal dot painting.

Just us.

Police procedures are different from when I was in school.

“Please remain on the line. Your clay tablet is very important to us. Tablets will be answered in the order in which they were received.”

I showed you this a couple of years ago. It’s about imagined, ideal and actual wealth distribution. Watch it again.


Lacrosse term, obscure sex act that frat guys always claim to do, sweet corn variety, or automotive term with an arbitrary proper noun in front of it?

Sea rise trends extrapolated.

“Now he does a little dance and then she won’t be mad.”

Photographs of a falling cat.

A cool music video shot in five seconds. The set-up time is not listed.

Fun with burning methane on a lake.

Actually, this explains a lot.

Brilliant guitarist and bassist play along with famous viral truck rental ad. I love this.

A teevee show that you never knew pre-hair-on-fire Richard Pryor had.

Historical currency conversions.

Shitting on the Israeli Flag: The Art of Natali Cohen Vaxberg. A documentary.

Frenchman wins imitate-a-breastfeeding-pig championship.

A few silent men.

A few feminist men.

And the Buddha’s armature.



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