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A tintinnabulation of sheer aural fromage. Or frottage, whichever is used.


    Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman): “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.”   Taggart (Andy Devine): “Gol durn it, Mister Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier’n a twenty dollar whore.”

Here’s the recording of last Friday night’s (2015-03-27) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

The hourly-or-so two-to-twenty-second dropouts and jagged musical intrusions I talked about in my last newsletter are not part of the recording, and could never be, because the recording is made wherever I’m doing my show and not at the streaming server or transmitter end of the link.  Just to let you know.

Speaking of which, Ken and Bob troubleshot their end of the signal dropout problem and that seems to be okay now. And it turns out that there /was/ a problem with my streaming computer –a thick felt of bed-blanket feathers and pet bird feathers and house dust, and at least one moth (!), had gradually, in the 22 months I’ve had what I still think of as this new computer, accumulated on the inside vents and fan blades and on the CPU heatsink fins. I opened the computer up, discovered the mess, carefully cleaned it out (outside on the porch) with compressed air, plugged everything back together and turned it on, and /voila/: it runs like new again, hour after hour, doesn’t overheat and slow down nor stutter. I’m prepared to trust it this Friday and see how things go.

Also in the previous post I told you that I’d be back in Fort Bragg on April 3 to do the show from the storefront on Franklin Street, the normal place. That’s changed– something came up and I had to stay away at Juanita’s house for an extra week, so I’ll be doing this coming Friday’s show by live remote again. If you were planning to come by 325 N. Franklin and read your own work on the air or bring a musical instrument and show off or just talk about your project or whatever, you can do that /next/ week (April 10).

Meanwhile, here are links to some not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting my show together, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

“And who’s to say that’s not enough? –Emily Surname, Weekly Wipe Television.”

Dogs in the wind.

Husky-dogs on a mirror lake.

The elephant in the room.

Baby dinosaur marionette hop test.

Another dressed taxidermy website for Elly.

The sound of music.

An Instagram account devoted to pictures of the real world, such as it is, that look like something in /Blade Runner/.

Read what this young woman has to say about a lovely poetic game, and then maybe download the game (for free) and play it and see if she’s right.

What happy pigs and bigoted weasels have in common.

Reincarnated temple rats.

Art. How to do it.

The drilling plant interests me, but much more so the gazillion tiny bugs. Is that normal, that many bugs in regular dirt?

A drawback of democracy: Let’s take a vote on the purpose of a chair. Difficulty: we’re all crazy dogs. (The film is mercifully silent.)

I understand the Vietnamese call it the American war.

…And part three, for fans of anguish /and/ hands.

“So, wait, what are you telling me? They’re not gods, never were gods, and they’re just /other places/? And where they are in the clock of the sky never had anything to do with predicting whether I’d grow up to be bossy or a neat-freak or whatever?”

Since 2005 I’m a huge Whovian. I’ve watched every episode of Doctor Who since the reboot, over and over. And this sort of thing, a short fan tribute video, um, I start crying at the beginning and by the end the tears are streaming down my face like Dennis Hopper in /Blue Velvet/ listening to /Blue Velvet/. One puzzler, though: why include the Adipose? That was the stupidest episode ever.

My favorite kid is the one with the nose and upper lip stud things. I hate those things, but she has the attitude and the manner closest to my own.

And lest we neglect the memory of Spock.


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