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Meet Mister Tulip and Mister Pin.


“Give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk.” –Drew Curtis

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-04-17) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

(Note: MediaFire seems to have recognized the theme music at the beginning as Happy Feet recorded by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra in 1930, which is correct, but then it decided –I dunno, maybe for mistaken robot copyright reasons– to block the download of the show for at least some of my listeners, who wrote to tell me about this. I chopped off the pre-intro and replaced the whole file and link. Try it now.)

Yet another live remote from Juanita’s apartment, in my lucky plaid pyjamas. I read a new Alex Bosworth story that explains all the others he ever wrote, and a true-life horror story about traveling to the U.S. by tunnel and a bad doctor who can catch you and cut you up if you don’t watch out, and a letter to The South by a brilliant black doctoral candidate, and a reminder of Israel’s open-secret atomic arsenal, and a hundred and fourteen other things, including a great deal of valuable information that might save your life one day, you never know.

And here are links to some not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Models within models.

Within models.

But that’s only the limit for HO layouts. The Matryoshka limit for actual Matryoshkas is a much higher number.

“What do you see, son?”  “It’s us, Poppa! It’s us!”

A clever spiral.

A short video about the Antikythera astronomical computer, made to promote a modern company’s recreation of it as a wristwatch!

How to make delicious /gluten-free gluten balls/.

Gee, Officer Friendly.

“Fuck your breath!” said the officer. (Not the one who shot the man, but the one kneeling on his head.) (The officer who shot the restrained man in the back was an insurance executive who paid to ride along on an arrest. His lawyer now says the man he shot, the man with two cops on top of him, “brought the fight to him.”)

Ask your doctor.

What is the MRI of one knuckle cracking?

The psychedelic madness of Louis Wain’s cats.

Things they ate.

Beautiful little wet things, magnified and set to piano.

Full video of SpaceX landing fail.

The wavefront of the (greatly attenuated) signal of this 1964 German teevee show is now a sphere 102 light years across, encompassing 1600 star systems.

Here are just some of the brightest of them.

Horoscopes with an actual basis in fact.

Your tax dollars at work (or) Huzzah! Or both.

In Cobra, Samurai or Geisha, as well as Basic Goose.

Superior, quiet technology.

So it’s an ad for a kind of car. So what. It’s wonderful. He can see it from space.

Record stick bomb.

3-D sushi roller-coaster video. This kind of works as a cross-your-eyes-and-focus-on-the-resulting-middle-image effect.

Time-lapse storms.

Chauvet cave paintings from 26,000 years ago.


Cutaways of the future city-hives.

Everyone’s upstairs neighbors.

An interesting video effect applied to seagulls flying past the Pt. Arena lighthouse. Also, notice that the URL ends in KFC.

Beautiful space habitats. Some of this art makes great desktop images.

A project to show what the night sky above L.A. would look like if you could ever see it.

Tiny self-replicating machinery. One thing about life is it’s wiggly.

And a little girl who lost her right leg in a truck accident less than a year ago dances in a recital and takes the prosthetic leg off to finish the dance.

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  1. I think the third one. Goddammit! Vulcans don’t get involved!. They’re too analytical, and always distracted by logic. Easy one.


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