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This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps, Larry. [part 2]


      “I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re goin’, and hook up with them later.” –Mitch Hedberg

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-09-11) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

And here are links to plenty more not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the latest show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

So sorry to hear that John has passed out due to cancer of the lever. Did he switch the plates or not?

They gave an old Disney animator a 3-D virtual reality setup to draw with.

A man who knows how to make a point.

So, not so bad, then. If true. (20 min.)

Regardless of the above, result of melt:

When you come here, dagnabbit, you speak Flibbertigibbetian or, y’know, take a hike.

The magic of Miss New Jersey.

Suppress your anxiety through the magic of belief.

But is it /safe/ to live in a building constructed entirely in another man’s imagination?

The modern church’s solution to not being allowed to castrate singing boys anymore. (Ignoring the helium crisis. (Earth is running out of precious helium so people can have birthday parties and giggle like a Munchkin.))


It isn’t an either-or thing– unapologetic racist or abject pussy. But people naturally gravitate to one or the other extreme. And that’s too bad.

Speaking of pussies– note this man’s go-to tool: the old feather on a stick trick.

What’s in my bag? I like it that the pharmacist is the only one who doesn’t need a medicine cabinet full of drugs.

Heraclitus, why do you weep?

These people are batshit crazy, no question, but the angry hater presenting the clips is equally nuts but not having any fun at all. Anyway, enjoy.

Irrefutable proof that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. That’s right: Bill Hicks is alive.

Hear the difference between a $20 ukulele and a $1000 ukulele. If you can.

Nicole Arbour’s famous Dear Fat People video, which made her hated for saying out loud what everyone including some people who actually are a little fat, but not as fat as the disabled-level fat people she addresses, is really thinking. To be fair: when Nicole raises her arms up above her head you can see that the back parts of them flap around a little.

Lovely hair drying machinery.

Ba da da di bya da da. Part 1.

Ba da da di bya da da. Part 2.

A firm foundation for geography.

Giant tire disposal. Warning: turn the volume down; the boy with the camera is very excited.

The ancient art of lost-styrofoam casting.

The secret of the hotel safe.


If vultures ate you, here’s what you’d see (if you weren’t dead to start with) (and if your eye was inside your chest cavity, like with this wildebeest).

What nice teeth. Take care of those nice teeth.

Four-dozen-plus enjoyable and educational math videos by Vi Hart, the greatest math teacher ever.

And this young lady impersonates all 151 Pokemon.

And this magical wizard can heal you by just looking at you. Also he sells shiny pebbles for $6345 that can heal you because he looked at /them/. That is a valuable skill.

Three baby ducks climb on and off a capybara in a warm bath. Imagine Valentine Michael Smith watching this, thinking, “So much water… So… much… water….”

Latest closeup images from July’s Pluto flyby. (It’ll take a year for it all to be sent. The ship is so far away, and its signal so weak, that the data must be sent at slower than old telephone modem baud rates.)

The paratroopers in the barn, hands down.

70 mph on a skateboard. Note the usefulness of metal-armored gloves. (In the movie /The Secret Life of Walter Mitty/, the character uses strips of cloth to bind stones to his hands for the same purpose.)

An exciting toy of yesteryear.

An exciting toy of now. Brainwave-controlled ferrofluid art vat.

This lady gives her horse a treat to wiggle its lips on the piano.

Magritte gifs. The ones at MentalFloss are nice, but the artist’s website won’t play the promised better ones on my computer (with Firefox). So be ready for that, if you go farther, to see those.

The construction project idea is a good one, but what I notice is everyone in the video is shaking an imaginary box for emphasis where none is necessary. I see this more and more in videos and presentations. They must be teaching it now as a persuasion technique.

Where you can drink the water and where you can’t.

Man walking home, drinking soda pop, is stopped by police, refuses to give his ID, half a dozen officers are eventually involved, finally, all together, in the course of their investigation, they notice it’s soda pop not beer. It’s ten minutes long, compressed from about 40 minutes, but it’s interesting. Good quality sound.

Dick Cheney, still alive, still rich, still rolling around out of prison. Goddammit. Why?

“Do you want to take over the world?” “It’s not worth the effort. Humans are too difficult to control.”

A brief history of the British royal family.

/Royals/ on tuba and plastic water bottle.

This is the face of a woman with a loaded gun (cocked, round in chamber, safety off) stuffed up her France.

Here’s the man who did the honest car dealership ad, back to do an honest insurance ad.

And an honest beer ad.

Why the elephant doesn’t explode.

How Hawaii got there.

And Shaun Tan, who made the perfect picture book /The Arrival/, about an immigrant family (and not the science fiction film /The Arrival/ about an alien invasion), also recently made this lovely little animated short. And –prepare to have your head explode– it’s /narrated by Tim Minchin/. (15 min.)

And this– a very short film that was a flyer for funds to make a full-length film. Apparently they never got what they needed, and that’s too bad. The Flying Man.


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