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The good sense God gave a goose.


      “I cannot stress enough the importance of your security lanyard.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-10-09) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

A Columbus Day* sale of just a huge mishmosh of everything under the sun. Doug McKenty called and talked about the current episode in the ongoing KZYX comic debacle of paranoid management. The poetry of Pushkin. Michael Hughes on Woody Guthrie. Exciting news from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Oaky Joe Munsen in his own words. Todd Walton. Jim Bakker’s Dream. The Black Death. Blackie in wax…

And here are links to plenty more not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the latest show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Going like sixty.

Going like 130.

The six horsepower Stanley steam engine. (Just the engine; the boiler and firebox arrangement was much bigger.),_6_horsepower.JPG

Here’s a steam-powered passenger car’s boiler.

Timelapse paper mush dragon, from newspaper to finished product.

Defender of Edward Snowden notices that news anchor/interviewer person is rather reading questions from a script and not listening to him at all, so he starts talking about Edward Scissorhands instead and of course the interviewer doesn’t notice and carries on. Can this be real? Yes.

Expertise with a drum kit made of trash.

You want some more? Well, here’s some more.

Cool math put very simply.


Jobs French women might be able to dress up as having in the future.

Historic art women of meh.


History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark.

Latest high-rez photos of Pluto’s moon Charon (say KEHR-uhn).

Celebrating an exoplanet-discovery milestone with lovely exoplanetary space porn.

What sorcery is this!

Jim Bakker’s frightening dream.

Colbert is right– skin port sounds a lot better than pizza drain.

Gadgets play Doors.

Apparently there’s a large subculture of kids who modify their video games to do purely interesting things, given the never perfect congruency between real life physics and game physics, and then they share these mods. Here’s just one.–MeKE_OUNU

Understanding the Saturn finger.

Caught like a rat in a (Havahart) trap.

“The modern lumberjack is a fearsome beast, indeed.”

Man, master of fire, demonstrates survival lighter.

Facts about jellyfish, with photos that would make great desktop images.

The free Windows scanning, photo editing and resizing software I recommend.


John Oliver on mental illness.

First and final frames of hundreds of movies, side by side, with quiet piano music. Part one and part two.

The Inquisition (from History of the World by Mel Brooks) (incl. two dozen synchronized-swimming nuns to pull the old Jews under the water and drown them then rise smiling from the dungeon pool, on a giant hydraulic menorah, with burning fireworks in their hats).

Cop: “Mind your own fucking business, lady!” Later, same cop: [PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!]

The one true religion.

In The Know panel discussion about reducing the violence in our dreams.

The important thing about projection.

I remember showing this to you before, but here it is again. The music teacher to hire and keep on.

Security theater.

It’s a job. This guy stands there doing this all day. His hands are made of the same materials the chickens are made of. And that thin line is a continuous bandsaw blade pulled by a six-horsepower electric motor.

One 1944 comic book cover, with everything, please.

Music video with Morris dancing.

Types of Spanish accents.

Chinese checkpoint jam from drone.

Rather, we don’t have the medicine for it /yet/.

Marilyn Monroe muerta.

Clever use of animated text in an explanation of the past exonerative tense.

As a little boy he saw a UFO (far away, overhead) and was inspired. “My art shows spiritual technology, something beautiful and beyond human imagination, that comes from another galaxy. So, in relative way, this is like the God.”

“Started in China –don’t know how, but the Mongols used biological warfare, at Kaffa hurled plague corpses at the Genoese. The Italians fled back to Sicily and 1347 Black Death said hello to Europe in the form of infected fleas.”

Not hippie tie-dye at all, but rather pressed jellyfish.

Sexy costumes.

Fads of the future.

And a comic strip about how digestion works, complete with talking feces.


*Happy Columbus Day.


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